Changsha net red “golden chestnut door” original price 19 yuan chestnut takeaway 68 yuan?Platform response

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The original price of 19 yuan of chestnut is 68 yuan on the takeout platform, which is three times the premium. Only one chestnut has nearly 50 yuan difference. Is that Changsha Internet celebrity “golden chestnut door” you bought on the takeout platform real or fake?Recently, the family of A changsha resident surnamed Chen ordered chestnuts for 68 yuan and pine nuts for 108 yuan for 176 yuan through an online store named jinlimen Wanda Store on the platform of Ele. me.After getting the goods, Mr. Chen found that chestnut and pine nuts in the chestnut door entity store price as long as 19 yuan and 35 yuan, nearly 50 yuan difference let Mr. Chen call outrageous, Mr. Chen suspected that the platform on the chestnut door shop is fake.In the end, Mr. Chen contacted ele. me and returned the price difference of more than 100 yuan.But the online takeaway business has not given Mr. Chen a satisfactory reply.According to Chen, make the information provided by the, the reporter found the named in hungry? Platform chestnut door (wanda store), but the reporter observed in the page, use store images online, is also a chestnut door close to the pedestrian street is located in changsha hui branch, registration of food safety information, also has nothing to do with changsha chestnut door.According to the business registration address, reporters came to changsha kaifu district lotus pond lane number 127 on the ground floor the facade, take-out platform of chestnut door wanda store information for industry and commerce registration, shop name is uncle restaurant, but there is only one uncle behind closed doors closed noodle shop, also attached facade, the transfer of the information, but in hungry platform, businesses continue to open.The business next door told reporters that the neighborhood has never heard of a golden chestnut door facade.The reporter learned that Changsha Golden Chestnut Gate only opened some takeout stores on ele. me platform at the end of January this year, and the price is the same as the store sales price.The picture used by Jinlimen Wanda store is the picture of the front of jinlimen’s Impression Club branch, and the store manager, Mr. Feng, said that there is no online delivery service.At present, the reporter has given feedback to ele. me platform.Customer service staff told reporters that the platform will compensate consumers who buy products at a premium.However, the customer service staff did not answer how such stores passed the examination and appeared on the platform, saying that they would truthfully record and submit to the company for verification and treatment, and later require them to rectify.A search on Ele. me reveals that there are several online stores using the brand of Golden Chestnut Gate, and the price of each item is often three to four times higher than that of physical stores, which are actually agents.In the store of changsha Jinli Men Impression Hui branch, a shopping agent said he was not a rider of any delivery platform, but a part-time errand boy.The reporter learned from the Changsha Municipal Market Supervision Bureau that the propaganda pictures uploaded to the network platform by takeout shops must be authentic, and businesses cannot induce consumers to place orders with false pictures.Changsha Jinlimen has issued a statement: Jinlimen Wanda store on ele. me platform and jinlimen takeaway stores on other platforms are fake, and we reserve the right to pursue legal liabilities in accordance with the law.The lawyer said that the act of simply buying, buying and collecting part of the errand fee is not prohibited by the law, nor is it an infringement.However, if large-scale sales have been formed on the takeout platform, and long-term bulk purchases from brand stores are sold or distributed at increased prices, this is a behavior of selling food, which needs to obtain business license in accordance with the requirements of the food safety Law, otherwise it is an illegal behavior, and the market supervision department can punish it according to law.Merchants use false pictures to induce consumers to be involved in fraud.At the same time, platforms such as Ele. me have the basic obligation to review the qualifications of the merchants listed on their shelves. If consumers can provide relevant evidence that the qualifications of the merchants are false, the platforms shall immediately deal with it and require the merchants to rectify.Source | Mango city editor | Yang Qianjie duty director | Zeng Qian Light up