Visit Alan Tam’s mansion, the roof directly designed into the open air, life is really emotional appeal

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In the 1970s, the most famous singers in Hong Kong were Liken Lee and Alan Tam, who were known collectively as “Next door And Right Lee”.Today, many of their songs are still classics.In the latest season of Hunan TV’s variety show, Alan Tam burst into tears as the crowd sang his song “Friends.”Although time flies, took away the once male god of youth, gray his hair, wrinkled his face, but Alan Tam is still old scenery, not only living in Hong Kong Venice harbour mansion, and the family life is also very wonderful, let’s take a look at Alan Tam’s old life.From this perspective, Alan Tam mansion is in the Mid-levels, the foot of the mountain is the famous Venice harbor, here, rich groups, real estate piles, is a good location of the living space.Alan Tam often climb mountains in the morning fitness, although he is nearly 70 years old, but the body is relatively hard, the body is also better maintenance, not like a nearly 70 seventy seventy old man, still maintain the vigor of youth.Look out from the balcony position, you can see the skyscraper in the community, the real estate construction here is more modern, and facing the sea, spring flowers, here is a good choice to rest in retirement.This is what he worked for decades in the first half of his life.From the moment he chose to retire from the entertainment industry, he was destined to change his life attitude and lifestyle.Alan Tam moved to Venice Harbor from other places to live. When he moved to his new house, he invited many friends to visit his home, especially on the rooftop, which was designed as a stylish and luxurious space, just like a small private gathering place.From the design of the balcony, it is full of many red and pink elements, it seems that Alan Tam has some romantic plot in mind, and the mentality is very young.Alan Tam’s diet is light, mainly cooking, and breakfast is buckwheat bread, the whole diet is healthier, no wonder the body is stronger.The design of the restaurant is simple and generous, using the wood color background design, both the walls and the dining table are solid wood texture, more original ecology, more natural forest.Alan Tam’s birthday is also a simple purchase, several circle of friends to celebrate their own, plus a simple cake to spend their 70th birthday, this kind of not extravagant and wasteful fine style of life is worth learning from many younger generations.The whole balcony is arranged by Alan Tam into a hanging garden feeling, here is a small Disneyland, he often come to friends to the rooftop party, the rooftop is not only equipped with a variety of flowers and seats, but also a pergola, and a huge toy design.The entire empty and cold roof turned into an open air party venue for private parties, which looked a bit like an anime scene and instantly felt like a dream.In private, Alan Tam enjoys bodybuilding and sports are an integral part of his life.The fitness equipment in the home is complete, equipped with very complete equipment, and Alan Tam in the fitness of the time dress is also very professional, like a professional fitness coach.Look at him maintain a particularly good figure, almost can not see the appearance of old age, this is a star’s basic self-cultivation, this spirit is worth learning.We wish Alan Tam a peaceful and comfortable life in his old age.