What is 800V pure level station?Is the new technology sound?

2022-07-18 0 By

From the overall sales data of 2021, new energy models occupy a larger proportion than in previous years, many people also have more understanding of new energy vehicles, which is often mentioned by everyone 800V pure level platform also caused reflection, what is such technology?First of all, let’s take a look at the common power supply system on the market today. The most common one is the 400V drive system, which contains batteries, motors, chargers and high and low voltage converters.Although the range of application is very wide, but the overall mileage is not very ideal, for long-distance travel is not advantageous.In this case, the battery life is anxious, with a higher charge and discharge voltage 800V high voltage system.Due to the decrease of the specification of the high-voltage wire harness, it has the characteristics of less consumption and low cost. At the same time, the voltage can also be doubled, which can be equipped with high-end cars with large capacity.In short, 800V high voltage system is now the new energy vehicle upward breakthrough, efforts to solve the battery anxiety, charging anxiety two major anxiety solution.As we all know, on the road to the popularity of new energy models, insufficient range and slow charging have always been two “obstacles”.The 800V high voltage system can bring higher efficiency to the new car. Compared with the old 400V high voltage system, the 800V high voltage system has a small working current, which can reduce the current loss, which is also a way to improve the endurance of the vehicle.As a brand new technology, Porsche Taycan is the first foreign brand to try 800V high voltage system.The result is obvious to all, greatly reducing the vehicle charging time, but also improve the ability of fast charging.The successful research and development of 800V pure level platform also represents another progress of new energy models. In time, new energy models will certainly be able to break through the difficulties one by one. Let’s wait and see.