Wu Qian shou sun daughter meng according to the official divorce, netizens send congratulations, Zhang Yujian is a second-hand man

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February 14 is the annual Valentine’s Day, did not expect in this romantic holiday but came wu Qian Zhang Yujian divorce news.Actress Wu Qian announced her divorce on social media by Posting a “Valentine’s Day party for single girls” and Posting pictures of her playing with her daughter.In the photo, wu qian, 29, is wearing a brown plaid top, casual trousers and shoes in the same color.Wearing a purple sweater, khaki slacks, casual shoes and a string of balloons tied to her arm, the baby looks soft, round and cute with her sister’s head.Wu Qian looked back at her daughter with a sweet smile on her face, the picture was very beautiful.However, for Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian divorce, the attitude of the netizens can be described as polarization, many netizens have congratulated Wu Qian in the comment area single happy, said zhang Yujian does not deserve Wu Qian, the beauty of the blessing is still behind.In contrast, zhang Yujian’s official announcement of divorce under the dynamic comment area, almost all is ironic.Some netizens said, “When I got married, I was not officially declared, but when I got divorced, I was very active.” “Second-hand man.” “Are you the one who didn’t even want to announce his love?””Now the single person can stand up.”Wu qian and Zhang Yujian met in 2018 when they co-starred in THE TV series I Only Like You.In November 2019, wu qian and Zhang Yujian were spotted at the airport together, and then returned home in a car with the woman’s parents.In December 2020, the media took Zhang Yujian accompanied Wu Qian to the hospital for examination, the woman suspected to have been pregnant.Although two people have been photographed stone hammer many times, but for love and baby news Zhang Yujian has never responded, not only that, Zhang Yujian has also been set up a single person, which is why the Internet users do not like him.At that time, Wu Qian as Hua Ce li holding florets, whether it is popularity or coffee, are higher than Zhang Yujian many.Wu Qian with vitality cure appearance and many excellent film and television works have attracted countless fans, promising, did not think is in the golden period of career development, but choose to marry and have children, and the man is not willing to publicly admit, many netizens are also worth Wu Qian feel.It was not until March 15, 2021, after Wu qian was photographed at a restaurant with her baby, that Zhang confirmed in a post on social media that he and Wu Qian had married and had a child.In fact, Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian this paragraph of feelings is not the public, for two people apart is also expected in many people.However, marriage is their own affair, no matter how the outcome, I hope they can run towards their own happy life.