Baigou Anhui Li 2022 house price how much money per square meter

2022-07-19 0 By

In the process of buying a house, the most concerned is the housing price. After all, young people have limited economic capacity, and they may face pressure from mortgage loans if they choose a house that is too expensive, and they are afraid of quality problems if they choose a house that is too cheap.
The price of Anhuili is 7,000 yuan/square meter. Every corner of the project will have unique landscape sketch design, which can be said to be the first one in Baigou.Anhuili residential area can achieve different time and different space will have different effects.In the public space, the greening style tends to be hard, tall and open. For example, we will plant some tung, ginkgo, red maple and so on, which are tall and shade, and the colors vary in four seasons.In the courtyard space, the greening style pursues soft, gentle and private, and some azaleas, winter jasmine and Chinese rose blossom at random.Trees and greenery outside the red line are all uniformly arranged and planted by the landscape department, making you feel as if you are in the natural beauty when you go out and enter.The price of the project is 7,000 YUAN per square meter, which is very favorable. In addition, the project is a large-scale building with high cost performance. It is a very good choice for both self-living and investment.