Guizhou Xindaji has completed the audit and evaluation process for listing intellectual property assets in Hong Kong

2022-07-19 0 By

Guizhou xin da set supermarket co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “xin da sets”) from the start the securitization of intellectual property rights, intellectual property trademark “xin da set” assets listed on the Hong Kong international intellectual property rights trading center since the process, the xin da set brand founder, chairman Sun Li new arrangement, the company formed listed docking group,Fully cooperate with listing guidance agency to promote listing process.Sun Lixin, founder and Chairman of Xindaji Brand, with the full cooperation of Xindaji And the overtime efforts of the listing guidance institution, financial audit institution and asset evaluation institution, the audit institution completed the financial audit of 2021 and issued the audit report.The asset evaluation agency has also completed the asset evaluation of intellectual property trademark “Xindaji” and issued an evaluation report by comprehensively considering xindaji’s market share, innovation ability, profitability and other factors.This means that Xindaji is listed in the Hong Kong United International Intellectual Property Exchange Center, a big step towards share trading.The evaluation report shows that under the premise of open market, the fair market value of the trademark rights of Xindaji 9 and Graphics 9 owned by Guizhou Xindaji Supermarket Co., Ltd. on the base date of evaluation is 5,023,200 yuan (in words: RMB fifty-two thousand two Hundred Yuan).Guizhou Xindaji Supermarket Co., Ltd. holds 100% of the intellectual property rights, i.e. 50,023,200 yuan.About angel is a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises “small to bigger, bigger and stronger, private reform, stock listing” comprehensive service providers.The partners of the company have been engaged in securities, law, audit, evaluation, risk control and so on for a long time. They have rich experience in corporate guidance and sponsor listing operation, providing professional guidance and financing services for Chinese enterprises listing in domestic and foreign capital markets.