He helped the tiger, and he did something that is still alive today

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Mount Wutai Bee Garden Buddha honey road health: good health, health and mind;Wufu sweet xin, as housheng.Share the essence of Sinology, wen Dao benevolent advise.There is a Chinese idiom: chāng.An ancient legend has it that a man eaten by a tiger could not bear its killer to lure a man for the tiger.For the tiger’s crupper.The parable serves as an accomplice to the wicked.Also “add wings to the tiger”.The phrase was found in Book 430, “The man ate by a tiger on its crupper.””A dead tiger and a drowned ghost was his kill, and he had to be replaced by a man now.”Once upon a time, in a cave, there lived a fierce tiger.One day, he felt very sad because he had no food to eat.So it went out of the cave to hunt for food in the nearby mountains.There were many animals in the mountains, but they all ran away sensitively as soon as they smelled the peculiar smell of the tiger.When the tiger saw that all the good food could not reach his mouth, he felt unspeakable chagrin.At that moment, it saw a man waddling near the mountainside. It pounced on him and killed him and ate up his flesh.But the tiger, still unsatisfied, seized the ghost of that man, and would not let it go free unless it found another man for its enjoyment.The ghost caught by the tiger agreed.So, he became a guide for the tiger, looking for, finally met a second man.At this time, that for their own early relief of the ghost, actually help the tiger murder.He went over to the new encounter to confuse him, then untied him and undressed him to make it easier for the tiger to eat.The ghost that helped the tiger eat man was named crupper.Later generations, according to this legend, called helping the bad guys to do things that harm god and reason “for the tiger.”As of Today, February 18, 2022, love express has been delivered for 459 days across the country.May the seeds of goodness sown here bear fruit as soon as possible;May Maitabha Prajna illuminate the lives of the people and increase happiness, happiness and health for everyone!(Li Songyang 2022 Gregorian Calendar 0218 Very wealth News Channel propagation 01573)