What does the women’s team rely on to fight back and win?

2022-07-19 0 By

Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Women’s Cup for the first time in 16 years on Feb. 4 and 6, beating Japan in the semifinals and South Korea in the final.What does women’s football really depend on?A never-say-die faith;Don’t give up, tenacious fighting spirit;Win in spite of adversity.As the old saying goes, “When a warrior meets a warrior, the brave wins.”In the case of the women’s football team falling behind, they showed their brave and indomitable spirit. In their psychology, they always believe that they will never give up before the match is over and they will have the possibility of victory.So they keep fighting with passion.Coach in the score behind, not disorderly, calm, know how to do, in the best time platoon troops, one action disrupted the deployment of the other side, in the limited time to turn the corner.It also makes people see that a coach must be professional, to understand the ball, but also to know their players.Coach is not only technical and tactical aspects of the able person, but also the ideological work of the person, seize the opportunity, inspire people, inspire morale.On the football field, if you want to win, you must be technically excellent and psychologically strong. The more in adversity, the more it can reflect a team’s ability to resist pressure and bear the responsibility.The girls of the women’s soccer team did it, and the Chinese people were rewarded with a spiritual consolation.