Xi Jinping’s Spring Festival memories

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Editor’s note: “The Spring Festival is a wonderful time to bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, always bringing people a new vision.”The words of General Secretary Xi Jinping reveal the core of Spring Festival culture.The Chinese New Year is a “year of time” for the Chinese people to bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, but also a “year of culture” for the good.On the eve of the most important traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the column of People’s Leader Xi Jinping on CCTV.com has launched a series of features named Xi Jinping’s Memories of the Spring Festival, to let you feel the general Secretary’s “New Year style”.In China, “food is the most important thing for people”, “eating and drinking well” is a big event in people’s family during the Spring Festival.General Secretary Xi Jinping’s visits before the Spring Festival have left many stories related to the taste of the New Year on the tongue.On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2016, the general Secretary and the villagers of Shenshan Village in Jiangxi province sat in a circle. One of the villagers brought the steamed rice fruits to them, saying that they should be brought to visit relatives on the New Year.The general secretary tasted the taste and praised “this custom is very good”.On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2017, the general secretary, holding chopsticks in one hand and a sieve in the other, fried the rice cakes, which symbolize annual promotion, at the hearth of a villagers’ home in Desheng Village, Hebei Province.The golden New Year cake is sweet and fragrant, and the oil smell rises with the festive smell of the New Year.President Xi Jinping fried rice cakes at the home of Xu Xuehai, a villager in Desheng Village, Xiaoertai Town, Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou city, North China’s Hebei Province, Jan 24, 2017.In Zhanqi village, Sichuan province, eating glutinous rice balls during Spring Festival is a traditional folk custom.On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Zhanqi Village and saw villagers making tangyuan. He lifted his thumb and said to them in Sichuan dialect, “I wish you a life as comfortable as eating tangyuan.”In Huozhou, Shanxi Province, the steamed Bun brings the smell of the New Year.On the eve of this year’s Spring Festival, General Secretary Xi Jinping made a steamed bun with dates and flowers in Fengnanyuan village, Huozhou, Shanxi Province.Looking at the villagers to make date flowers, rabbits, fish and other types of steamed buns, he praised “very auspicious”, “give a person every year to a good feeling, on behalf of the majority of villagers yearning for a better life.”It is the romance of traditional Chinese food culture to combine the expectation and blessing for the future with the name and form of food.On Jan 26, 2022, General Secretary Xi Jinping made nian Mo with Hongbing’s family in Fengnanyuan Village, Shizhuang Township, Huozhou City, Linfen City, Shanxi Province.”Today is the 23rd day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar.General Secretary Xi Jinping is seen in Yuangudui Village, weiyuan County, Dingxi City, Northwest China’s Gansu Province, On February 3, 2013.He came to visit the people in need.Every little year is a year.When chatting with villagers, the General Secretary talked about the customs of the New Year in northern Shaanxi with great interest: “We spend the New Year in northern Shaanxi mainly by grinding glutinous millet into flour and making steamed buns in the shape of tigers and rabbits, with colorful colors.”Before the Spring Festival in 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping went back to Liangjiahe to visit his fellow villagers.At noon that day, in the home of liang Yuming, an old party secretary, the general secretary and shi Chunyang, Lv Housheng, Zhang Weibang and many other old friends sat together and ate the liang family’s “Annual tea dinner”.In northern Shaanxi, the food eaten during the Spring Festival is collectively called “Nian cha Fan”.Hele oil cake, chicken, lamb, pickles, hele, pumpkin…On the table, all authentic farm food is the New Year flavor of people in northern Shaanxi, but also the hometown flavor of the son of the yellow land.On January 24, 2017, on the 27th day of the 12th lunar month, General Secretary Xi Jinping walked into Desheng Village, Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, with concern for the people in need.Guests come from afar, the villager Xu Wan took out their New Year’s goods to entertain.The golden, sweet and crisp “open smile” is a must for every family in Bashang, Hebei Province.The general secretary tasted a piece and said it was delicious.”I now every year New Year, in the street to buy jiangmi, there is a called fried fork……”The general Secretary shared his favorite food during the Spring Festival with everyone. “It’s too fat, so I don’t eat too much. Anyway, I eat a little during festivals.”Good food and good, both must live up to.Behind different tastes are similar emotions.Zi ba was round cake shape, white white soft, meaning round and round, is also jiangxi Shenshan village people festival love.On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2016, When General Secretary Xi Jinping and his party, who came to visit people in the old base area, walked into Zuo’s home, they were busy getting some tzi ba.The general secretary smiled and said, “Shall we fight together?””All right.”Li Zongwu, a villager with a mallet, answered quickly.The general secretary hit them a dozen times and asked how long they would fight each time.”He joked that he could exercise,” Lee remembers.President Xi Jinping performs zi ba with villagers in Shenshan Village, Maoping township, Jinggangshan City, East China’s Jiangxi Province, Feb 2, 2016.A variety of distinctive Festival snacks, a delicious New Year delicacies, not only to satisfy the taste buds enjoy, more permeated with the joy of the New Year, moistening the sweet day.”I came to see you and wish everyone a happy New Year!”In Beijing’s Caochang four hutongs, General Secretary Xi Jinping was invited by hutong resident Zhu Maojin to make dumplings with him.The Zhu family recalls that the general secretary took his chopsticks and rolled out dumpling wrappers and wrapped them, then put them on the panel, “acting like an elder next door.”While making dumplings, the general secretary said that his family also likes to make fennel stuffing.”I haven’t made dumplings in years because of my work. Look, the more dumplings I make, the better.Our life is like that, the better!”On February 1, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping made dumplings and chatted with Zhu Maojin and his family in Four hutongs of Caochang in the east district of Qianmen, Beijing.In Simura Wa Village in Yunnan province, a village whose Name means “happy place” in Wa language, villager Li Fashun invited Xi to make rice baba, a traditional Wa food for the New Year.Pick up a ball of rice baba with your right hand, press it down on the mold, and press harder with your left hand…The general secretary made two red rice cakes in succession.He said with a smile, “If I press the word” fu “, then I will press the word “Xi”.Li Fashun thinks, “The rice baba is red, sweet and blessed, just like simura today.”On January 19, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping made rice baba, a traditional festival food, with villager Li Fashun and his family in Simura Wa Ethnic Village, Sanjia Village, Qingshui Township, Tengchong City, Yunnan Province.In Huawu village, Guizhou province, the villagers invited the general secretary to make yellow rice cakes, a traditional specialty food that people in Guizhou must eat during the Spring Festival.Pick up a leaf, clip a piece of glutinous rice soybean flour, roll up the leaf, tie it tightly with string…General Secretary Xi Jinping personally wrapped a yellow rice cake.He smiled and said, “I wish you many happy and sweet days ahead!”All the people present laughed, too.Xi Jinping, general Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), makes yellow rice cake, a traditional festival food, while chatting with Zhao Yuxue’s family in Huahu Village, Qianxi County, Bijie City, Southwest China’s Guizhou Province, Feb 3, 2021.In this great change of China, people’s life is getting better and better, and it is very convenient to buy food from all over the country.But there is always some flavor of home, on this special day, we string together our homesickness and memories, bringing us warmth and joy.New Year, work together.(China Media Group ccTV.com)