After a series of provocations against China’s sovereignty, the UK has once again turned its back on China and is trying to restart the China-UK business conference

2022-07-20 0 By

For some time, the UK, as a “staunch ally” of the US in Europe, has often taken inappropriate actions against China, which was highlighted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s acceptance of what Lithuania called “China’s economic coercion” after his visit to the UK not long ago.Recently, it was reported that after supporting Lithuania, the UK publicly issued a taiwan-related resolution. The unexpected thing happened, and the UK immediately “courted” China.The British House of Commons on February 10 has passed a resolution on Taiwan, foreign media reported.In the resolution, The UK said it would strengthen economic and trade ties with Taiwan, adding that it would help Taiwan gain more recognition “internationally”, according to reports.Clearly, Britain is up to something.In view of this, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the UK said, “We are firmly opposed to the above motion of the British House of Commons advocating the promotion of UK-Taiwan relations, and strongly condemn the wrong words and deeds of some British MPS on Taiwan-related issues.”It should be noted that China’s warning came amid an intriguing piece of news from the UK.British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he will resume business talks with China, which had been shelved for years, in a bid to forge closer ties with the country, US media reported.It is reported that the UK will resume two business meetings with China, one is the China-UK Joint Trade and Economic Committee (JETCO) meeting and the other is the China-UK Economic and Financial Dialogue.Clearly, Britain has done something unexpected.In response, some British officials have advised that the government needs to think hard about reopening because our Strategy with China needs to take into account “Chinese trade coercion” and “human rights concerns”.Why does the UK want to resume business meetings with China?China’s exports to the UK continued to soar in 2021 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with a trade volume of 63.5 billion pounds (547.3 billion yuan), according to figures.The figure means China’s exports to the UK account for about one-seventh of its total imports.In response, some outsiders say that the UK is increasingly dependent on China.This, of course, explains why Mr Johnson now wants to revive the long-stalled trade talks with China.Of course, in addition to the growing dependence on China, there is another important factor that cannot be ignored: the weakening economic power of its “partner”, the United States.The inflation crisis in the United States is now at its fastest pace in 40 years, according to U.S. agency statistics.The Fed made no bones about the dire situation, saying it would not ease soon.For some information, refer to global Times