Moles, white spots, blood moles can mean…Check it out.

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Note: the pictures in the article may cause you discomfort, and you are advised to read within the psychological tolerance range.We can often see that our guests will have black spots, white spots and blood spots on their faces and bodies, because of the damage to their beautiful skin, they also hate these spots very much, so we ask our experts to help them deal with them.That these black spots, white spots, blood spots, spots is how to grow out?Original ah, matter accumulation to a certain extent, will become a toxin, long into poison, poison can poison the body slowly, toxin poisoning the human body, will be blocking meridians, blocking blood vessels, at this point, in the human body, various spots on the face, hands, such as shading (dark spots including senile plaque, chloasma, freckles), white spot.All sorts of spots of human body surface are the reflection that person volume is sluggish, and spot is more apparent, can explain body to be sluggish more serious.◆ Black spot — Blood stasis black spot includes old man spot, chloasma, freckles, etc., more common on the back of the hand, face and body.The spots will grow and grow.We think of it as growing, but plaques are actually piles of dying cells, and the more they accumulate, the bigger the dark spots get.Accumulation is the result of the blocking blood vessels, blocking meridians, the plug the plug, it seems like there’s a car out of the traffic jam, has been followed by a series of car behind the wall, the wall, the more the more blocking traffic, the not smooth, when this bad car suspended (away), immediately again, traffic flow.However, many people do not know to deal with it.All black spots are synonymous with blood stasis, prompting the accumulation of blood stasis stagnation, so the more black spots, prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, black spots more black more stasis, more common in the elderly of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.◆ White spot – toxin white spot shape to sesame, as big as mung bean, more common in the arm, the body.Leukoplakia is different from vitiligo, where vitiligo is a patch and leukoplakia is a speck.Leukoplakia suggests the accumulation of visceral toxin stagnation, easy to produce tumors, cancer diseases, the more white leukoplakia is more toxic, more common in tumor patients.Blood nevus – Fatty blood nevus basically grow on the body, hands, legs, like a blood blister after a shot, a red spot, the size of a goji berry.The blood nevus suggests the accumulation of fat phlegm and dampness, which is prone to fatty liver, cirrhosis, cholecystitis and other diseases. For patients with fatty liver and chronic hepatitis, it is mainly in the chest and abdomen.The greater the blood nevus, the worse the metabolic function of the liver, poor fat metabolism, easy to hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol.Have black spot, it is heart disease not necessarily, have white spot also is tumour, cancer not necessarily, but the toxin inside clew your body is more, taking this road, it is more important to cause your attention.People die from three kinds of poisoning is the most: the first heart cerebrovascular disease, threatening the largest human heart cerebrovascular disease.The second kind of tumor and cancer, the third kind of liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, hepatitis, these three kinds of diseases are the three major killers of human health.Since it is the killer, we can see, spot is acquired generation, if not often clean up, do not often maintain the body, it will be more and more, more and more large, indicating that the toxin is more and more deep, so we can not be indifferent, waiting for death.The way to clear the three spots is to often do meridian detoxification, vascular.With this concept, the solution is much more, do not wait for cancer, head stroke to clean up and then think of maintenance, by then it will be too late.The following set of chronic disease acupoint exercise will point and aerobics organic combination, it set invigorating qi and blood, meridians, toxins, fitness, health in one, suitable for friends of all ages, especially middle-aged and elderly friends exercise.The first action of hitting Shixuan point is located at the fingertips of our ten fingers. Stimulating this point can play a role in lowering blood pressure and preventing vertigo.Autumn and winter season hypertension disease is multiple, in the elderly suit to do this action in autumn and winter.Two fingers crossed relative to the second action to stimulate the eight evil points located in our fingers, the indications of fever, eye pain, headache, pharyngeal pain, toothache, finger numbness.Numbness in the hands may indicate a stroke. If you have numbness in both hands and feet, you should prevent a stroke.3. The third action of hitting the tiger’s mouth stimulates Hegu point, which can not only regulate blood sugar, but also has obvious curative effect on relieving toothache and carsickness.4 To hit the thenar 4, 5 action stimulation is our thenar, Taiyuan and other lung meridian acupoints, has a strong heart effect, for palpitations, coronary heart disease, angina patients.5 to hit the hypothenar 6 beat Houxi point (change hands) the sixth action is to stimulate the small intestine meridian points such as houxi, anterior valley and carpal bone, for improving the lower focal point, relieve the symptoms of thirst, reduce blood sugar has a good effect.The seventh action stimulates the three jiao meridian points such as Zhongzhu, Yemen and Yangchi, which has a good effect on maintaining the health of cervical vertebra and lumbar spine and improving cerebral ischemia.8 beat Chi Ze point (arm change) the eighth action to stimulate the qu Chi, Chi Ze, Qu Ze and other acupoints, with antihypertensive, cough and other effects.Cold cough multiple season, suitable for doing such action to relieve symptoms.9 Beating Yunmen point (shoulder change) The 9th action stimulates zhongfu, Yunmen and other lung meridian points, which has therapeutic effects on lung diseases, trachea and bronchial diseases.In addition, Zhongfu point has the role of diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.The 10th action is to stimulate the shoulder well point. Often beating this point can not only reduce blood pressure, but also have good effects on heart and lung diseases and constipation.11 Tapping Baihui Point the 11th action is to stimulate the Baihui point on the top of our head, which has the effect of soothing god to help sleep, lowering blood pressure and treating headache.In the last quarter of 2019, busy work and high pressure will easily lead to insomnia.12 abdominal acupoints beating the 12th action to stimulate our abdominal shenque, Qihai, Guanyuan and other health care points, these points can adjust gastrointestinal function, especially for patients with diabetes.13 beat shenshu point 13 action to stimulate our waist shenshu, Sanjiao Shu and other bladder meridian points, these points are suitable for the prevention and treatment of urinary diseases, can strengthen the kidney.The 14th action of the 14 neilao patting shaohai stimulates the neilao point and Shaohai point of the shaoyin heart meridian.It can strengthen the heart and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.15 Heel kick ran Gu the 15th action by stimulating the Ran Gu point of the kidney meridian of Foot Shaoyin, play the role of kidney toxicity, prevention of cerebrovascular diseases.16 beat weizhong acupoint ancient “waist and back weizhong” language, refers to all waist and back diseases are recommended weizhong treatment;This point has the functions of relaxing tendons and dredging collaterals, dispersing stasis and promoting blood circulation, clearing heat and detoxification, etc.17 beat leg gallbladder massage and beating can relieve meridian and dredge collaterals, promote blood circulation and detoxification. With fast blood circulation, the body will have enough energy to eliminate garbage, edema and toxin in the body will be removed naturally, and the part of the massage and beating will become thinner.Note: Do the whole routine once or twice a day for 10-20 minutes.After the meal as far as possible between 30-40 minutes to just undertake health exercises.