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Prevent illegal fund-raising related knowledge one, what is illegal fund-raising?Illegal fund-raising refers to the behavior of legal persons, other organizations or individuals raising funds from the public without the approval of the competent authorities.Generally, it has the following four characteristics :1. It absorbs funds without the approval of relevant departments according to law or in the form of legal operation; 2.2. Public publicity through media, promotion meetings, leaflets, mobile phone messages and other channels;3. Promise to repay the principal and interest or pay returns in the form of currency, material object or equity within a certain period;4. Absorb funds from the public, that is, non-specific objects in the society.Ii. What are the common types and forms of illegal fund-raising activities?Illegal fund-raising activities involve a wide range of contents and various forms of expression.From the current situation, it mainly includes creditor’s rights, equity, commodity marketing, production and operation, and the main manifestations are as follows: 1.Illegal fund-raising in the name of planting, breeding, project development, manor development, ecological and environmental protection investment;2. Illegal fund-raising in the name of issuing or disguised issuance of certificates of rights such as stocks, bonds, lottery tickets and investment funds, or futures trading or pawning;3. Illegal fund-raising by claiming shares and sharing dividends;4. Illegal fund-raising through membership card, membership card, seat card, preferential card, consumption card, etc.;5. Illegal fund-raising by means of commodity sales and leaseback, buyback and transfer, member development, merchant joining and “fast points method”;6. Illegal collection by using non-governmental organizations such as “associations” and “societies” or underground banks;7. Illegal fund-raising in the form of “virtual” products constructed by modern electronic network technology, such as “e-shops” and “e-department stores” through entrusted investment and repurchase upon maturity;8. Divide property, real estate and other assets equally and illegally raise funds by selling the right to dispose of its shares;9. Illegal fund-raising in the form of signing commodity distribution contracts;10. Illegal fund-raising in the form of pyramid selling or secret series;11. Illegal fund-raising in the form of establishing investment funds through the Internet;12. Illegal fund-raising in the form of e-gold investment.Third, what are the common means of illegal fund-raising?1. Promise big returns.In order to attract the masses to be deceived, criminals often fabricate the myth of “pie from heaven” and “becoming rich overnight” and promise investors high returns by luring them with excessive profits.In order to deceive more people into taking part in fund-raising, illegal fund-raisers often fulfill the promised principal and interest on time and in full at the initial stage of fund-raising, and then secretly transfer the funds or abscond with the money after the fund-raising reaches a certain scale, causing financial losses to the participants.2. Making up fake projects.Most criminals through registration legitimate companies or enterprises, in response to the national industrial policy, support the new rural construction, practice “economics”, such as business development from the traditional planting and breeding industry to invest in high and new technology development, collect money build, a shareholder, after returning to rent, in order to conclude the contract as a cover, fabricate projects, is committed to high fixed income,Defraud the public of investment.In the name of entrusted financial management, some criminals deliberately confuse the concept of investment and financial management, using new terms such as e-gold, investment funds, online currency speculation and e-commerce to confuse the public, promising stable and high returns and deceiving the public in investment.3. Fake publicity.In order to defraud the public, criminals often spend thousands of dollars on publicity, employing celebrity spokespersons, publishing exclusive interviews in famous newspapers and magazines, hiring people to widely distribute leaflets and making social donations to increase publicity and create false momentum to defraud the public of investment.Some lawbreakers use network virtual space to set up a website in different places or rent a server outside the country.Some even spread false information through websites, blogs, forums and other online platforms, as well as QQ, MSN and other instant messaging tools, to defraud the public of investment.Once checked, the following line does not operate in accordance with the rules, etc., quickly shut down the website, with money absconded.4. Use family ties to lure.Criminals often use their relatives, friends and fellow countrymen to lure the public into investment with high returns.Under the spiritual brainwashing or physical compulsion of pyramid selling organizations, some people involved in pyramid selling, in order to complete or increase their own performance, they do not stop to use family ties and geographical relations to recruit relatives, classmates or neighbors to join in, which rapidly spread the number of participants and expand the scale of fund-raising.How do the public identify and prevent illegal fund-raising activities?The public recognition and prevention of illegal fund-raising, should pay attention to the following four aspects: first, to recognize the nature and harm of illegal fund-raising, improve the ability of recognition, consciously resist all kinds of temptation.Believe that “there is no pie in the sky”, the “high return” “get rich quick” investment projects to carry out a calm analysis, to avoid being cheated.Second, to correctly identify illegal fund-raising activities, mainly depends on whether the qualification of the subject is legal, and whether the fund-raising activities engaged in by the relevant approval;Whether it is to raise funds from unspecified groups of society;Whether to promise return or not, illegal fund-raising activities generally have the characteristics of promising a certain proportion of fund-raising return;Whether to cover up the nature of illegal fund-raising in legal form.Third, we need to enhance the awareness of rational investment.High returns are often accompanied by high risks, and irregular economic activities contain huge risks.Therefore, we must enhance rational investment awareness and protect our own rights and interests in accordance with the law.Fourth, we should enhance the awareness of taking risks from illegal fund-raising.Illegal fund-raising is illegal, and the funds and related interests invested by participants in illegal fund-raising are not protected by law.Therefore, when some units or individuals sell high-interest deposits, stocks, bonds, funds and development projects with high investment returns, we must carefully identify and invest cautiously.Five, if it is impossible to judge whether illegal fund-raising should we pay attention to?1. In contrast to whether the rate of return of bank loan and ordinary financial products is too high, obviously high investment return in most cases is likely to be an investment trap.China’s regulations, more than four times the national loan interest rate is not protected by law, can be used as a reference to judge whether the return is too high.There is no such thing as pie in the sky. High returns and high risks coexist, and criminals aim to defraud money.The normal annual profit of a company is usually not more than 20%, and the distribution of super-high returns on investment cannot be maintained for long.There must be illegal fraud.”Get rich quick”, “high return, zero risk” is very likely to be “go for it” investment trap.Investors and residents must enhance their ability to distinguish, block the temptation of interest, do not be greedy for high profits, participate in illegal fund-raising activities, do not believe in “free lunch”.2. Through the government website, query related enterprise was approved by the national legal public companies, whether can issue shares, bonds, the provisions of the state of equity trading places, if you don’t have stock, sales, sell the financial products, and to carry out the deposit and lending business subject qualification, is suspected of illegal fund-raising.If an illegal person uses the name of “securities investment consulting company” or “property rights brokerage company” to promote the so-called stocks to be listed in domestic and foreign securities markets, they can check whether they have been approved for issuance through the government website.3. Check the industrial and commercial registration information to find out whether the relevant enterprise is legally registered and whether it has gone through tax registration, etc.If the identity of the subject is illegal and untrue, it is suspected of fraud.4. Some influential illegal fund-raising crimes will be reported by the relevant media. Through the media and Internet resources, the relevant enterprise illegal and criminal records should be searched to prevent the criminals from re-committing crimes in other places.5. For low-risk and high-return investment advice and repeated persuasion of friends and relatives, we should consult friends and professionals carefully and make prudent decisions, so as to prevent them from becoming the target of their development.6. If it is really impossible to judge whether it is illegal fund-raising, in addition to the above mentioned should be vigilant, try to avoid being cheated, the public can consult relevant departments, to understand the details and then make a decision.Must not have fluke psychology, blind investment.Six, illegal fund-raising activities to the community what harm?Illegal fund-raising activities have great social harm.First, illegal fund-raising causes participants to suffer economic losses.Illegal fund-raising criminals gather funds by fraudulent means, and then freely squander, waste, transfer or illegally possess the funds. It is difficult for participants to recover the funds, or even break the bank and lose all their money.Second, illegal fund-raising seriously interferes with normal economic and financial order and easily causes social risks.Third, illegal fund-raising is easy to cause social instability and seriously affect social harmony.Illegal fund-raising often involves large fund-raising scale, large number of staff, low payment ratio of funds, and difficult disposal. It is easy to cause a large number of social security problems and seriously affect social stability.Vii. What are the relevant provisions on the risks and losses borne by participating in illegal fund-raising?According to China’s laws and regulations, losses incurred due to participation in illegal fund-raising activities shall be borne by the participants themselves, and the resulting debts and risks shall not be transferred to state-owned banks and other financial institutions or any other units that are not involved in illegal fund-raising activities.After the liquidation of creditor’s rights and debts, any remaining illegal property shall be confiscated and turned over to the central Treasury on the spot.If the fund-raiser still fails to refund the fund raised after execution by the people’s court, the participants shall bear the losses themselves.In the process of cracking down on illegal fund-raising activities, local governments are only responsible for organizing and coordinating work.This means that once the public participates in illegal fund-raising, the interests of participants are not protected by law.It is hoped that all faculty and parents of students should be vigilant, resist the temptation of high interest, choose investment channels rationally, and establish correct financial management concepts.Source: Xinzhou Experimental school Shanxi Legal newspaper Xinzhou reporter station