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1. Assessment tasks (1) assessment tasks communicators skills talents evaluation institutions (2) the signing employment agreement received the assessment tasks and have sent task and/or senior/(3) the assessment tasks issued written letters, phone calls, the main way to APP (4) assessment tasks for examination and assessment of the main content of the time, place, professional level, students source, matters needing attention, etc. 2.(1) Check-in Time Requirements The examiners must arrive at the designated test site 30 minutes in advance within the specified test time (in the case of no special requirements) and check in at the test center office. If the examiners check in by mobile phone,After arriving at the site, please sign in time (2) the importance of sign in time a. Grasp the situation of the arrival of the appraiser b. Arrange the appraisal task of the appraiser reasonably C. hold the examination meeting in time D. Provide basis for the year-end appraisal of the appraiser 3.Participate in evaluation meeting The time for evaluation meeting is generally 30 minutes before the examination time, and the management personnel, evaluation personnel and related service personnel who participate in the examination work.(1) The person in charge of the examination room management held a meeting to introduce the examination situation and put forward the evaluation requirements.(2) Assign evaluation groups according to occupational levels, and appoint evaluation leaders.(3) Distribute examination papers, and the team leader receives examination papers.(4) The team leaders shall hold group business meetings.4. Read the analysis paper (1) to clarify the scoring rules (2) to emphasize the scoring differences (3) to establish a common scale (4) to follow the independent scoring principle 5.Check the equipment, facilities and materials in the examination room. (1) Check the safe passage in the examination room. (2) Check the fire-fighting facilities and equipment. (3) Check the assessment equipment. (4) Check the assessment tools.Organize examinees to draw lots to determine the position (1) Organize examinees to register (2) announce the examination session and the position situation (3) Organize examinees to draw lots (4) assign the session and the position number 7 according to examinees who draw lots.Distribute materials (1) distribute raw materials according to the examination arrangement (2) Mark on the raw materials for the examination with special requirements, and check the examinee information preparation code (3) For examinee self-provided materials, check whether they meet the provisions 8.Complete the process evaluation score (1) issue examination papers (2) take the test on site and score 9.Complete the result evaluation score (1) issue examination papers (2) take the test on site and score (3) recover the work (4) Evaluation score 10.Reporting scoring results (1) For those who score with pen and paper, the evaluation team leader shall collect the evaluation tables of their own evaluators and report them to the field management personnel.(2) The evaluator who adopts the mobile scoring system submits the results. When the difference of scores between the evaluators is greater than the specified difference, the evaluator leader can check the reason and return the results for re-evaluation.When the score difference is within the specified range, the evaluation leader can submit the evaluation result.Summary of evaluation Work (1) Summary of contents Organization of evaluation work Preparation of evaluation work safety of evaluation work Scoring of evaluation work Emergency handling of evaluation work (2) Suggestions for improvement Suggestions for evaluation items Suggestions for evaluation evaluation form Suggestions for evaluation organization