Shanghai: Loans to provident fund affected by COVID-19 will not be overdue

2022-07-20 0 By

On April 8, the Shanghai Provident Fund Management Center issued a notice on implementing measures to avoid overdue treatment of provident fund loans affected by the epidemic and the arrangement of loan repayment in April.Notice said, to cope with the epidemic prevention and control in the city of Shanghai related work, a result of infection of COVID – 19 hospitalization or isolation, epidemic prevention and control need to quarantine personnel, to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work and affected by the epidemic temporarily lose revenues personnel, during the period of march to April, 2022 cannot normal return loan of housing accumulation fund, after that don’t make processing of exceed the time limit,That is, no penalty interest, not as overdue records submitted to the credit department.In addition, according to the plan arrangement of withdrawing housing provident Fund to repay housing loan in 2022, the withdrawal date of withdrawing loan in April 2022 is April 19.The objects of this loan withdrawal are: the borrowers who accept the method of monthly loan withdrawal (monthly rush) and one-time loan withdrawal (annual rush, April batch) before 17:00 on April 13, 2022, and the amount of deduction is up to the balance of the borrower’s provident fund account on April 14.At the same time, in order to reduce the impact of the epidemic on borrowers, the Shanghai Provident Fund Center will arrange another year of repayment in May for borrowers who apply for one-off withdrawal from April 14 to May 13 at 17:00.The Shanghai Provident Fund Center will properly handle the business affected by the epidemic and protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees who have paid in the fund.Source: People’s Daily Online editor: Yu Jingjing Editor: Wang Ying Review: Cao Qinyong