Suzhou Agricultural development Group 4 “Special line of New Year goods” come!It’s more convenient to buy vegetables by bus

2022-07-20 0 By

“Less toss, less run away, ‘New Year’s special line’ really convenient!”In the bus carriage plastered with the Chinese character “Fu”, passengers repeatedly praised.On January 28 and 29, four bus routes of suzhou Agricultural Development Group’s “Ten Thousand Vegetable Basket” vegetable market “Special line” were launched in Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou High-tech Zone, Xiangcheng District and Gusu District, making it easier for local residents to buy vegetables.Xinminqiao Vegetable Market, Lumu Vegetable Market, Chuantang Vegetable Market, New Living Space Longhui Vegetable Market is operated by Suzhou Agricultural Products Development Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Suzhou Agricultural Development Group. Huimin vegetable stalls have attracted many surrounding residents with their characteristics of low price and high quality.”As the lunar New Year is approaching, considering that the recent rain and snow weather will cause inconvenience for residents to buy vegetables, we will try our best to work with transportation departments and bus groups to pick up residents by bus to buy vegetables.”Suzhou agricultural products company is responsible for ten thousand vegetable basket bus “special line of goods” zhao Na said.Mr. Zhang, a passenger living in Suzhou Industrial Park qingjian Lake, was full of praise for the “Special line for Spring Festival goods” : “It is really good to open the” special line for Spring Festival goods “. In the past, I used to come by electric bicycle, and it was difficult to carry large and small bags, but now there is a direct bus to solve the problem.Reporters learned that the agricultural development group’s four “special lines” are “cross Pond vegetable market special lines”, “High-tech City special lines”, “Xiangcheng yuan and special lines”, “Xinmin bridge market special lines”, the opening time are in the morning.Among them, the “Trans-Tang Vegetable Market Special Line for Spring Festival Goods” mainly serves residents in Qingjian Lake, Xinlou Area, Gaobang Community and Jinjihu Street in hudong area. The service period is from January 28 to 31, and from February 2 to 6.(Su Baorong Media reporter Han Liyuan/photo by Suzhou Agricultural Development Group) editor: Li Junfeng (new media operator, senior photographer)