The couple’s 172-square-meter mansion, which they didn’t live with their parents, turned into a “dream house”

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When you have a new house, what kind of decoration will you choose?French or simple?Let’s have a look at the home of the couple @ little monster, with a building area of 172 square meters and an internal area of 140 square meters.When decorating, we don’t need to take our parents’ opinions into account.We chose the minimalist decoration of black, white and grey, pretending to be a dream home, so that we can live happily in one step.Living room, dining room, kitchen, balcony shop gray floor tile, no stepping stone, wavy line and regional division, the whole space vision is simple and transparent, even bigger, there are black, white, gray three colors, light gray and dark gray interval is not easy to make mistakes.After the floor tile is pasted, the height is only 2.7m, choose double eyelid droplight, increase the sense of spatial administrative levels, pave the way for the installation of the main lamp.Main lamp design, lamp tube, magnetic track lamp (anti glare effect is good), visually increase the height of the floor, so that the overall space is not depressed.The L-shaped sofa makes full use of the space and can be both sat and reclined.Lying down does not affect the feeling of sitting down, experience a relaxed home life.TV background wall chose customized TV cabinet, the middle part reserved the size of the TV, let the facade feel more overall.As the balcony is a horizontal hall structure, there is a large balcony 7.7m long and 1.5m wide. The balcony is connected to the living room and the second bedroom, which is designed with a laundry area.Pre-customized washing wardrobe, size washing machine, dryer, reserved space, the ceiling design embedded electric clothes hanger, weaken the sense of existence, no pressure layer, both beautiful and practical functions.The background wall of the master bedroom is designed with light beige hardclad Pandora-rock veneer wood, echoing the background wall of the living room sofa, making the space more hierarchical and fashionable.The design of the main lamp makes the light source evenly distributed, brighter, and at the same time full of atmosphere.Embed the lamp of the head of a bed to have the action of plum blossom modelling and space not only, still promoted advocate lie class.It is 4 rooms originally, of goodwife resolute and advocate lie to open the 2nd bedroom, did the big advocate lie that takes cloakroom, custom-made the chest of a whole wall, used door of cabinet of branch glass, be helpful for looking for clothings more, expanded a space on the vision at the same time, also increased administrative levels feeling of the space.Designed a piece of dresser by the window, made an illicit close area for goodwife, dressing below natural light can be more natural.Restaurant The whole restaurant adopts the design of no main light, with light belt and down light, light distribution is uniform and soft, to create a bright and appetizing dining environment.The island platform can be used for food processing or as a separate platform for cooked food.Customized side cabinet, display cabinet design as a wine cabinet, placed the owner’s collection of wine, to create a high fashion home environment.Bathroom The bathroom is designed for dry and wet separation, and the smart mirror with LED light and touch switch is used in the dry area.Waterproof, fog-proof, more convenient to use.The metope on the opposite side of shower designed niche, store toiletries in shower area, use metope space reasonably, increase store content space.-END- Disclaimer: part of the text, pictures, videos and other contents of the article, including but not limited to the above mentioned from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete, copyright belongs to the original author.