This scenic spot is free!Come and shoot the snow scene

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From February 10 to March 15, tourists can enjoy a free tour of chrysanthemum Terrace in Nanshan, Urumqi.The little red book @ Cheng Ziming 4134 camera in ink painting will slowly walk in the forest of the text without any sound picture is the scenery scenery is good image: the little red book @ Cheng Ziming 4134 will zoom adorned the hiking trail some snow become the stage of brown mountains in the distance a clean blue sky white clouds are natural background plate image:The snow thrown into the sky and your sincere happy smile are the most beautiful filters in winter.Part due to the scenic spot road belongs to the most slippery road is currently only allows an suv through pay attention to scenic area prompt attention outdoor play safety advisory telephone: 0991-5931766 click the blue words, quick navigation to chrysanthemum scenic tourist service center parking lot editor: will review: GeJian whose: department of fathers © xinjiang is a good place to apply for to play!Let’s see the most down-to-earth “curling” competition in Xinjiang