Tower of Fantasy, two months after the release of the expansion?A new event with a chance to get marc for nothing

2022-07-20 0 By

Recently, the second phase of “Tower of Fantasy” and “Cage” has been completed, and Mark, a character with many fans, has joined the world of “Tower of Fantasy.”It is worth mentioning that, as mark mimics on the line, a series of supporting activities also officially opened, which is no lack of some can white piao his opportunity.For example, in the third stage of “Dangerous Invasion”, we need to attack bosses around the world to harvest “Maya ecological samples”, which can be exchanged for various props including Red core, which can be used to extract mark.In addition to this one event, tower of Fantasy officials recently revealed a new upcoming event called “Order from Hopkins.”First of all, the rewards of the “Hopkins Order” campaign were no less generous than those of the “Dangerous Invasion” campaign, according to the advance suit experience.Exchange the complete part of the reward, can harvest at least 10 red core, thousands of gold dust crystal and many blue crystal clusters, SSR source fragments optional box and other props, are the current game necessities, practicality is very high.According to the actual experience of the advance service, the “Hopkins Order” campaign is not only very rewarding, but also very fun.During the campaign, players can collect up to six “Hopkins Orders” per day and earn rewards by consuming varying numbers of orders to complete the “Dream Challenge” and “Scattered Beacons” activities.First is “dream challenge”, and “the phantom tower” in the game machine challenges similar to build dream, as a whole is divided into ABC three different types, choose different types of challenges and choose corresponding BUFF, can help you fast customs clearance, to complete the corresponding challenges after they can get a lot of “credit certificate”, can be used to convert the red nucleus, gold dust and other props, it is important to note thatEach challenge has a guaranteed bonus, so even if you don’t complete all the challenges, you’ll still get a “credit card.”Then is another small game “scattered beacon”, I believe you “magic tower” players have played “the original beacon”, the gameplay is similar, but “the original beacon” is the player buried player digging, “scattered beacon” is the system buried players to dig.By consuming “Hopkins Order”, you can query the location of “scattered beacons”, find and dig out the beacons after locating them, and also reap the corresponding number of “golden card backs” and crystal clusters according to the quality of the beacons. The “golden card backs”, like “credit vouchers”, can be exchanged for various props., of course, in addition to the “orders” Hopkins, coming together with mark mimicry and other activities, such as “sweet” workshop, complete the corresponding task can get five red nucleus with five special vouchers reward, can be used to fuck white mark UP the pool, or will, so much white piao opportunity before you, don’t move fast?