Village cadres pull the strings, epidemic prevention supplies delivered

2022-07-20 0 By

Recently, the municipal medical security Service Center sent a batch of epidemic prevention materials to Chaodaiyingzi Village, Shaala Town, Fumeng County, to provide support for epidemic prevention and control at the grass-roots level.Chaodai Yingzi village is located in the south of Salad town, with a total of more than 480 villagers.In recent days, the village has taken a number of measures, including setting checkpoints at main entrances and exits, to improve the level of epidemic prevention and control, protect the health and safety of villagers, and consume epidemic prevention materials at the front line quickly.Seeing this, Zhu Yingmei, the first secretary of Yingzi Village in The Dynasty, immediately reported this information to her employer, the municipal Medical Security Service Center, which immediately decided to donate a batch of urgently needed epidemic prevention materials, including masks, alcohol and protective gloves to The Village.Dynasty camp village party branch secretary, the village committee director BaoHai said, all the city medical insurance affairs service center from the epidemic prevention materials is a nice surprise, is a powerful support for epidemic prevention and control work in the village, village will be a glimmer of epidemic prevention staff to add a safety protection, effectively boost the epidemic prevention and control, the village all the villagers’ health and safety.Source: Fuxin News website