When the operation, why does cut skin almost not haemorrhage, in the life a little scratch can haemorrhage?

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Life will inevitably experience bumps and bruises, pruning plants suddenly cut by sharp tools or shaving suddenly cut chin by razor, life, carelessly cut wounds, there will always be more than the performance of blood flow, it is clearly a very small wound, the amount of bleeding is very large.But those patients who have undergone major surgery on the operating table, even if they are cut open by the doctor, there will still be no blood leakage from large wounds. What is going on here?Do doctors have special clotting magic tricks?When the operation, why does cut skin almost not haemorrhage, in the life a little scratch can haemorrhage?Many people think that the reason why the doctor does not bleed when removing the skin during surgery is because the doctor’s medical skill is too superb. It is excluded that the amount of bleeding caused by this reason is small, or related to the following points:1. There are certain risks in any kind of operation. If there are many difficult and unpredictable problems, the doctor will make a reasonable operation plan according to the changes of the patient’s condition before the operation.Doctors avoid the arteries and arterial vessels in the body before cutting the skin, which can reduce the amount of bleeding. If we scratch the skin carelessly in life, we will hurt the subcutaneous capillaries.Blood comes out of broken capillaries, which is why when you cut the skin during surgery it doesn’t bleed, but when you cut it in life it does.2, the use of electric coagulation knife, also known as high frequency scalpel, is a surgical instrument to replace the mechanical scalpel for tissue cutting, it through dense high-frequency current contact with human tissue, produce concentrated heat effect, so that human tissue vaporization or burst, to achieve the purpose of cutting and coagulation medical surgery.Electric coagulation knife is according to the characteristics of the cutting speed is very fast, powerful and hemostatic effect quickly, compared with ultrasonic knife is more suitable for open surgery, can greatly shorten the operation time, reduce the amount of blood loss and blood transfusion patients, using in the high frequency current skin effect, but not too deep into the human body, the damage degree of human body in the operation to a minimum.In recent years, with the development of medical technology and clinical requirements, the complex surgical equipment mainly based on high frequency surgical instrument has also developed more.The high frequency electric knife with control instrument, can obviously improve the coagulation effect and speed, while reducing tissue oxidation, carbonization, smoke and odor, improve the working environment, reduce the degree of coke.The high-frequency current acts on human tissues through particle flow, avoiding the direct contact between the knife and pen of the electric knife and human tissues during operation. It is not easy to cause adhesion and is suitable for use under digestive endoscopy.3. When the medical staff cooperate with the operation, a lot of medical staff are needed to participate in the operation. The right assistant will stand on the opposite side of the surgeon, and some work is to help the surgeon precipitate the patient’s residual blood.They also apply pressure to the incision to stop the bleeding using medical supplies such as hemostatic forceps and gauze, so the staff work with each other to keep the patient bleeding less.4, injecting hemostatic drugs before surgery, anesthesia doctors and nurses will inject narcotic drugs according to the patient’s condition, in addition to the injection of anesthetic drugs, can also according to the condition in the process of surgery and surgery, the change of injection of hemostatic drugs, reduce the effusion of blood, promote blood clotting, prevention of intraoperative bleeding.5. Avoid large blood vessels. Blood vessels are a substance widely existing in the body. The main function of the effect is to transport blood and nutrients, discharge toxins and garbage.During surgery, doctors try to avoid large blood vessels in the patient’s body, choosing to cut small vessels to reduce blood flow.If accidentally cut large blood vessels, prone to bleeding, if not handled properly could endanger the patient’s life, and great vessels is human body nutrition supply and waste discharge, important parts of the great vessels rupture after is difficult to heal, and may cause serious consequences, but also conducive to the operation smoothly.After the hand is scratched, how should handle?Finger scratches can lead to wound bleeding, the outside bacteria or virus will enter the human body through the blood, so when the finger is obviously sharp weapon injury, can choose disinfection potion local cleaning.The most common is hydrogen peroxide, which can play a role in disinfection and promote wound healing. It can also be sterilized by local wiping with iodophor or alcohol. If the wound is shallow, no special treatment is required after disinfection.Finger is not scratch, according to the severity of the wound different reasonable treatment, should first of all the wound surface disinfection treatment.If the symptoms are more serious, you can choose to apply Yunnan white ointment, Mupiroxing ointment, erythromycin ointment and other drugs to continue treatment, improve the symptoms of wound pain or infection, avoid long-term bad after trauma.Band-aid is more common in our daily life a kind of goods, if behind some finger won’t appear smaller wounds, and less bleeding, hydrogen peroxide can be selected for topical hemostatic disinfection, and then directly use band-aid, avoid the wound injury again, band-aid has certain medicinal function, can effectively promote the wound healing.Finger scratch is a common phenomenon, so patients do not have too much psychological pressure, to timely disinfection and hemostatic treatment, if the wound is deep, to the hospital for a detailed physical examination, to avoid damage to muscle tissue, leading to local infection and wound site swelling phenomenon.Injured fingers do not touch water within a week, to avoid the harm of wound infection, if there is a deep wound, be sure to go to the hospital for examination and treatment.When the hand is accidentally cut by sharp objects, it is necessary to change the dressing in time to avoid infection, and special attention should be paid to keeping the hand warm. If there are signs of infection in the wound, such as local ischemia and purple, body fever and other abnormal manifestations, it is necessary to seek medical treatment immediately to avoid aggravating tissue damage.After rinsing our fingers with water, we should use a dry towel to gently wipe our fingers clean so that we can use red potion to simply stop bleeding, which can kill harmful bacteria around the wound and promote the healing of the wound.