Los Angeles lakers fans were left waiting for the James Harden trade to top the list

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There were a lot of moves ahead of the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 11 at 4 a.m. Beijing time, but these three were the ones most talked about by fans.1. The blazers will McCollum trading to the pelican in Beijing time on February 9, Portland and the pelican was fired the first shots trading, the blazers will send CJ, larry and snell, hart, Alexander walker from the pelican Torrance, didi – lu zadar, 2022 first-round draft picks (protected), two future second-round draft picks.This season the blazers and pelicans can say is on the west, a ranked 10th in the west and a ranked 11th in the west and the pelican of zion this season because of injury, have not been able to play, pelican to rely solely on Ingram one person in the struggling to support, is now ranked 10th in the west and can enter the play-offs, or an unknown.And Portland is more tragedy, lost to the nuggets last season, thought the blazers can rise again, but the new season McCollum injury, after the decline of state rudd, lead to the blazers once had no hope of into the playoffs, finally the selection operation, rudd and Portland management finally choose trade McCollum, gave up this season.Both teams got what they needed in the deal, with the Blazers getting draft picks and the Pelicans getting perimeter players like McCollum.2. The lone ranger trading port tianjin gith solo at the beginning of the season, the season also walk very difficult, east qi qi at the beginning of the season, even after losing all-star starter, and god also has been plagued by injuries, and before the trade deadline, according to a report in the names are written Shams, sources close to the wizards will dinwiddie trading to the lone ranger,In exchange for Porzingis.According to Tim MacMahon, the Mavericks also got Bertans in the deal, according to a source close to the deal.The Mavericks also sent a future second-round pick to the Wizards, according to Woj.In the past season, east qi and lone ranger sign of a maximum, and wave god in last season’s playoff game against the clippers, the performance of the state really disappointing, lone ranger deals, it is just a matter of time, even former NBA player, he then a mocking the Boer ferry, he said: “he is a unicorn, because you can hardly see him.”The trade between the Nets and the 76ers for Harden was the most widely watched by fans before the trade deadline, and the Nets eventually sent harden away for Bensey, Seth Curry, an unprotected 2022 first-round pick and a protected 2027 first-round pick.According to a follow-up report from Woj, the Nets also traded Millsap for Trang in the deal.This is a win-win trade for the Nets and sixers.The Nets lost Harden, but gained Simmons, Zhuang, and Steph Curry to not only improve their shooting, but also make up for their lack of paint with zhuang, a rebounding monster, and, more importantly, two first-round wins.Of course, the Sixers aren’t losing money, getting Harden and simmons out of the way is a big win.All three moves have been the focus of much discussion among fans, and as for the lakers, it’s been a long wait.After the trade was halted, Lakers reporter Bill Oram reported that he was told that the lakers’ front office had made numerous efforts before the deadline, but that no deal could be reached.