The State Council: A disaster and accident monitoring and early warning network covering the air, space, land and sea will be established

2022-07-21 0 By

Source: Finance and EconomicsOn February 14, li zhi, the State Council issued by the “difference” national emergency system planning, the planning is put forward, by 2025, the emergency management system and the ability to make significant progress in modernizing, forming a unified command, often both ability and political integrity, responsive, and linkage of the emergency management system with Chinese characteristics, unified leadership, with responsibility, authority and efficient completion of the national emergency power system,Prevention mechanism constantly and improve the resolving major security risk system, the construction comprehensively strengthen emergency rescue force, emergency management level of the rule of law, science and technology information level and comprehensive security ability improved, production safety situation, comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation stabilizing positive, natural disaster prevention level improved significantly, the whole society will markedly enhance its capability of disaster preparedness and response disposal.By 2035, a major-country emergency response system with Chinese characteristics that is compatible with the basic realization of modernization will be established, law-based, scientific and intelligent emergency responses will be fully realized, and a new pattern of emergency response management featuring joint contribution, participation, and shared benefits will be formed.The plan calls for strengthening risk monitoring, early warning and forecasting.We will make full use of technologies such as the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet, remote sensing, video recognition and fifth-generation mobile communications (5G) to improve disaster and accident monitoring and awareness, optimize the network of natural disaster monitoring stations, improve emergency satellite observation constellations, and build a disaster and accident monitoring and early warning network with integrated coverage of air, air, land and sea.Intelligent, networked, integrated and miniaturized sensing terminals are widely deployed, and the safety monitoring and monitoring of high-risk industries are networked nationally or regionally within provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government).Planning is put forward, the deepening of dangerous chemicals, mining, fire control, transportation, construction, civil, special equipment, large commercial complex, and other areas of the key industries safety regulation, to solve the weak links and prominent problems affecting restricts the safe production, urged strict safety management of enterprises, increase the risk of a security investment, implement the controls.In combination with the deepening of supply-side structural reform, we will encourage enterprises with weak safety foundation and low safety guarantee capacity, which still fail to meet the standards after rectification, to exit the market.We will give overall consideration to the relocation of hazardous chemical enterprises and the approval of project construction, and give priority to the relocation of qualified enterprises.