The worst Olympics in history, with billions of dollars spent and most of the participating countries absent, not even China, USA

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As we all know, the Olympic Games is usually held every four years, usually the city that has the qualification to host the Olympic Games is very powerful, either the capital of a country or the second largest city.The holding of the Olympic Games can promote the exchange of sports culture between countries, but also between countries to strengthen cooperation, enhance understanding of the important grand event.However, there are so many countries in the world, only one every four years, so many countries actively participate in the Olympic bid, but there is only one opportunity, so many countries can only embrace regret.And the successful bid of that country, must be very proud and proud.Because it’s the international community’s recognition of their country.Our country was lucky to successfully hold the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, which is also called one of the most successful and wonderful Olympic Games in history.Both the opening ceremony and the competition experience gave athletes from all over the world an unparalleled feeling.The Same was not true of the 1980 Moscow Olympics in the Soviet Union, which was called the world’s “worst” Olympics, and many people may not understand why this happened.At that time, the Soviet Union in the international status can be said to be decisive, no matter what the strength can be called strong.At that time, the Soviet Union also put a lot of thought into the success of the Games, but the results were very unsatisfactory.As there were few athletes and spectators from all over the world, 67 countries were absent from the competition from more than 200 countries, and all of them were the most powerful countries in the world at that time.Among them, the United States and China are absent from the Games.The reason why so many countries chose not to attend the Games was that the Soviet Union had violated the spirit of the peace contract by launching military operations in Afghanistan on the eve of the Games.Many innocent civilians were killed and injured and the international community expressed strong dissatisfaction.The Soviet Union later sent more troops to Afghanistan, despite attempts to dissuade other countries.Then there was the awkward scene at the Olympics, where the Soviet Union spent billions to build Olympic stadiums that turned out to be empty.The bleachers were more than half empty, making it the worst Olympic Games in the history of the Soviet Union and the world.