Yangquan suburban Finance bureau comprehensively strengthened the “one card” supervision and effectively improved the performance of financial funds used to benefit the people and farmers

2022-07-21 0 By

Shanxi news channel to agriculture, rural areas and farmers Suburb of yangquan city finance bureau attaches great importance to the people and fiscal subsidies “all-in-one-card” regulation, in strict accordance with the “management main body unchanged unchanged, the main responsibility, grading is responsible for the management” principle, the sound of “government leadership, the department is responsible for, and coordination, the joint linkage” job management mechanism, further strengthening the management of “all-in-one-card” funds performance,In 2021, 13 functional departments in The autonomous region handled more than 360,000 transactions of “one-card” transactions, and provided 123.79 million yuan of funds to benefit the people and farmers.In accordance with the principles of “one list management system”, “one platform management and distribution” and “one system management and supervision”, the four measures in the suburbs of Yangquan city guarantee the timely and precise allocation of subsidies to benefit the people and farmers, improve the performance of funds and maximize the convenience of the people.1. We will fully implement the policy of public disclosure on the government website and make public the list of fiscal subsidy policies benefiting the people and farmers.2. In strict accordance with regulations on government procurement, we will strengthen supervision over financial institutions issuing the “all-in-one card” for government subsidies to benefit the people and farmers.3. Promote the concretization of the management system, the standardization of procedures and procedures, and strengthen the verification, comparison, payment, issuance and supervision of subsidy funds.Iv. Effectively improve the settlement schedule of subsidy funds, specify specific time limits and requirements and the frequency of disbursement, and ensure that government subsidies to benefit the people and farmers are continuously used to improve people’s wellbeing.(Wang Lei, ZHANG Haihua) (Editor: Liu Xiaoliang, Xi Tao)