Group S looks at the early stage, group A looks at the middle stage, and group B looks at the late stage. Which group does the rhythm of AG super game belong to?

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I don’t know if you have noticed that KPL league now has a template feeling. Since the adoption of group matches in KPL League, the uncertainty of the game has become lower and lower. In popular words, the level of watching the game has decreased, and all of this is due to the rhythm.Let’s summarize the characteristics of SAB group competition.Group B matches always have the feeling of “chicken pecking each other”, which can finish the game quickly, but it is always late, and the winning team is not always the team that starts the match in rhythm.This feeling of procrastination has brought group B games to a freezing point, which means that group B games are mostly decided late in the game.In the matches of Group A, the dragging matches were significantly reduced, but this did not mean that the exciting level of group A matches was improved. In most matches, the team that dominated the pace in the early stage was often forced to the Storm Dragon King in the later stage, so that the uncertainty of the match lasted for 20 minutes.In other words, group A matches are mostly decided in the middle.The game of group S is obviously more enjoyable. Basically, the team that plays rhythm in the early stage can keep the advantage until the end of the game. As long as the team has good rhythm in the early stage, the chance of winning is very high, that is to say, the game of group S is determined by the early stage.Which begs the question, which group does the AG superclub beat belong to?Group B definitely does not belong to group A, the watershed between Group A and Group B is actually the strength of players, players’ personal strength can basically decide the outcome of the game, the strength of AG super Game players is obviously higher than group B.In this spring tournament, AG Super Game club changed its head coach and changed its tactics a lot. Now, it has won two consecutive wins and has the initiative to advance to Group S. However, from these two games, AG Super Game Club’s pace is between the early stage and the middle stage.Why do you say that?The control of rhythm comes largely from the position of playing wild. In the strong teams of Group S, there is basically a strong player playing wild, and the ability of fighting wild must be strong. In addition to the style of players, this kind of resistance to pressure should also be coordinated with the team as a whole.Guangzhou TTG, Wuhan eStar, Chongqing Wolves all belong to the early field area attack very strong team, so the early rhythm control is very good, but AG super game club is lack of this point.However, in this spring game, AG super game has obviously improved this shortcoming. Compared with Jiu Cheng, the first smile has obvious advantages in the early vision layout and field defense, so the pace of the AG super game in this spring game is obviously advanced.Before, the rhythm of AG super game club was all on Yinuo, while Yinuo was in development road. In the early stage, the rhythm control was very poor. Of course, this is not to deny the strength of Yinuo, but because The development road must have an economy to lead the rhythm.Therefore, playing wild is the best position to control the rhythm, and it is also the easiest point to set the rhythm. In group S, the rhythm points are very early, and the one who controls the rhythm first can decide the final outcome.The rhythm point of AG super game is between the early stage and the middle stage. When you play against group A, you can control the rhythm of the team by yourself. After all, the rhythm point of controlling the outcome of group A matches is in the middle stage, while in Group S, the rhythm point of AG super game may be led by the other side.If the AG super club wants to stay in group S, it has to move up the tempo!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to peach Yao Hua