His son owed more than 700,000 yuan in debt. His 60-year-old mother sold a house to work for 7 years to help him pay off the debt, but his son lost contact

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“I’ll search for it with my last breath. I’ll see people alive and bodies dead.One way or another, I’m going to find him.”Lin Xueying said firmly with a face.Lin Xueying lives in Suzhou, Anhui Province. She is 67 years old, with white hair and a limp gait.Now she, every once in a while will appear in the local police station, from the traffic police brigade accident processing squadron of the police there, check the recent traffic accident in the information of the dead.The photos of the dead are often unrecognizable and can easily cause physical discomfort. However, Lin xueying even asked for the photos to be enlarged so that she could identify the dead person she was looking for, her son Wang Kunping.Each time, she couldn’t find it.Lin Xueying felt glad, but the heart is still clenched.It had been seven years since she had seen him again.Wang Kunping, if alive, where is he?She wanted to tell him: the debt has been paid, no one to pursue the debt, he can go home in peace!Lin Xueying had a happy family. She and her husband had a daughter and a son.However, when the daughter was 17 and the son 14, the husband died of illness.Lin Xueying sad, fortunately, a pair of children especially sensible, also very good.They were both in the top 10 of their grade at the best local high school, often accepting awards at the same time.That time was the proudest and most satisfied day in Lin Xueying’s heart.Did not think of to be in 8 years ago, marry when the daughter have a child, after the son also graduates to work, already retired Lin Xueying thinks can enjoy the joy of family, destiny let them drop a big fall however.First, daughter Wang Kunrong was diagnosed with breast cancer.At that time, Lin Xueying worried female heart, immediately rushed to Hefei, take care of her daughter and grandson.During, as a result of the daughter’s disease needs long chemotherapy, Lin Xueying often accompany around, can not be taken lightly, nature does not care about the son at home.After the illness that becomes a daughter improves, Lin Xueying returns the home of Suzhou, discover son Wang Kunping disappeared however, come to him from time to time instead.Lin Xueying feel strange, then ask: “you look for him stem what?”At first, these people were secretive and reluctant to speak out. Later, after several inquiries, they were willing to tell the truth — Wang owed them a lot of money.They also produced a piece of paper ious to prove it.Originally, Lin Xueying is not at home during this period of time, Wang Kunping owes a lot of debt, now, debt deadline has passed, he has no money, can only hide.Lin Xueying also looked for his son everywhere, very not easy to find, an inquiry, that he borrowed money to fry things.Speaking of, Lin Xueying’s husband used to be the oldest student, the old director, wang’s family before the local level.But since her husband’s death, the family’s condition has deteriorated.However, Wang Kunping, with a strong sense of pride, could not stand the gap and wanted to make fast money through the stock market to show his ability.He once said, why can others become millionaires in the stock market, why can’t he?It is in this state of mind, he is like a fan, step by step into the mire of the stock market, unable to extricate themselves.Having no money, he borrowed money from friends and relatives with the promise of high interest rates.At the end of the day, he may have lost count of how much he had borrowed.I did make a little money at first, but then the stock market went down and I lost all my money.Bad news travels fast while good news stays indoors.Wang Kunping’s loss of money quickly spread, creditors with ious, have come to the door, asked him to even with interest to settle the debt.However, how can Wang Kunping pay back?Can’t afford to pay back, can only hide.Be found by the mother, Wang Kunping speak hesitantly tunnel out the truth, but still refused to disclose the specific loan amount.Later, Lin Xueying is through a creditor’s ious, a business accounting.At first, she estimated that it was more than 300,000 yuan, but did not expect that more and more creditors came out, even with interest is more than 800,000 yuan.Lin Xueying felt that the sky was falling.Finally, after the judge’s mediation, part of the high interest was removed, and the final verdict was 750,500.A debt of more than $700, 000 is astronomical for a wage earner like them.At that time, Lin xueying’s retirement salary was 596 yuan a month, and it would take 100 years to pay it back without eating or drinking.Lin Xueying was so dazed that she was about to faint and beat her son.Wang Kunping knelt on the ground, crying confession: “Mom, I was wrong, you hit, I’m convinced, you hit right!”He let his mother beat him and never fought back.Lin Xueying more gas, “you say we take what return somebody else?”It was a nightmarish time.The creditor came to wang’s house almost every day to urge him to pay the debt, and even cursed and threatened him in the house: “You gun out…You climb out…I’ll beat you to death.”Once, they really broke down the door, took out the chain lock of the motorcycle they were carrying, and waved it at Wang Kunping’s head.Lin Xueying saw, immediately rushed past, with the body to protect the son: “want to dozen, dozen me!”After each beating, Wang’s hands shook and he couldn’t even hold chopsticks.During dinner, he looked around in terror, afraid someone might come to the door.If he heard a knock on the door, he immediately threw away the dishes and chopsticks in a panic, ran to his room, closed the door and locked it, and refused to open it again, even if the police came, it was useless.He only hide, Lin Xueying painful child heart, also follow together hide.Once mother and son took refuge in a nunnery near a fish pond in the countryside.Back to back, next to each other, they planned the long night.However, the night was so cold that my brain ached, and to top it all off, THERE was no bottle of water.They were so thirsty that they had to use plastic bags to scoop up water from fish ponds without even caring if there were leeches.Huge mental pressure, Wang Kunping frequency collapse.He often cries in the dead of night and regrets saying to his mother, “If it were not for too hasty investment in the stock market, how could the family have ended up where they are today?”He can’t sleep night after night. He’s a nervous wreck. He likes to run out.Lin Xueying does not trust him to go out, staring at him very tight.But accidents happen.Once, Lin xueying went to the toilet only once, and her son was nowhere to be seen when she came out.She hurried out of the house and frantically searched for half an hour but still could not find the person. Suddenly she heard someone shout: “Someone jumped into the river!”Lin Xueying suddenly panic up, rushed to the river, as expected, riverside a large circle of people around a wet young man, is Wang Kunping.Lin Xueying rushed over, holding her son, could not help crying.More than once she reproached herself with the thoughtlessness of having neglected her son.03 The mother of sixty years of difficult debt road to see heavy debt has destroyed his son and the whole family, Lin Xueying let his son leave Suzhou, to the foreign debt;At the same time, I made up my mind to pay my debts.Six months after Wang left, Lin sold the house she had left for her son to marry (about 76 square meters) and her own house (about 57 square meters) for a total of 238,000 yuan.In addition, her daughter took out 300,000 yuan that she planned to buy a house, and she returned 40,000 yuan of insurance to the insurance company, raising a total of more than 570,000 yuan, leaving 172,500 yuan short.But there was nothing left to sell.However, Lin xueying did not bow down to the poor life.She refused her daughter’s offer to take her to Live in Hefei and insisted on staying in Suzhou.On the one hand, she wants to pay off the rest of her son’s debt through her own efforts; on the other hand, she wants to stay near her home, waiting for her son to return one day, where she can see her mother waiting for him at home.She firmly believed that her son would come back.Where there’s a mother, there’s a home.So Instead of moving, Ms. Lin, who sold her house, lives not far away in a small room that was supposed to be used for clutter.The room is less than 10 square meters, cold in winter and hot in summer, and there is no toilet, so cooking, eating, sleeping and bathing are all crowded in the same room.With her place secured, Lin xueying began to look for work.Initially, Lin Xueying found out the job is to the hospital to do escort – care for the vegetative.The work is not cheap, but it is very hard, Lin Xueying day and night, every two hours to turn over patients.And the patient often has 150 catties or so, more than 90 catties and has passed 60 years of Lin Xueying needs to use ten fingers hard raking, just turn over the patient.Later, her hands were out of shape with fatigue.Every rainy day, ten finger joints like needles, pain, even chopsticks can not hold.However, Lin Xueying never dared to resign.She needed the money badly, and there was a waiting list for the job.However, one day, when she came home from work in the middle of the night, Lin xueying had a car accident on the way and hit her leg.Shoes and socks were drenched with blood.To the hospital bandaged, but also scolded by the doctor: “you this old woman why busy so ruthless?Bones are breaking.”After the accident, the daughter refused to let her mother work again.But what if the debt isn’t paid?Lin Xueying thought of another way: in the outside “begging for food” – not with the cylinder with people begging, but to the various restaurants to work for free, do not pay, only ask the boss will be the guests leftover rice, let her take home to eat.And when night falls, she goes to the food stalls to sell her homemade wotou peanuts.Over time, diners affectionately called her “wotou Mom.”In order to do more business, she drank as little water as possible.Lin Xueying body is still healthy, but high pressure, overworked life, often make her unbearable.On one hot day, Lin xueying fainted in a food stall due to physical exhaustion.The landlady picked her up and asked her to go to the hospital.Lin xueying refused to spend money, shaking her head and saying, “Just endure for a while.”The owner’s wife saw the old man poor, help her dozen 120, returned 200 dollars, let her keep the disease.As soon as Lin Xueying was discharged from the hospital, she made wotou peanuts and sold them at night snack stalls.She endured such a life for more than seven years, rain or shine.She worked penny by penny on her own, paying off her debts one by one.04 son lost contact day by day, year by year, The burden on Lin Xueying’s shoulders is lighter and lighter.Finally, during the Spring Festival, she paid off the last eight thousand two hundred yuan in debt.Out of debt, out of debt.Lin Xueying joy unceasingly, this, the son finally can no longer hide, and she, also can easily go to find his son.However, to her surprise, when she repeatedly called her son’s mobile phone, there was no answer.She had been afraid to contact her son for seven years for fear of being pursued by creditors.Her daughter kept calling her brother’s number and texting him, but Wang never called back, and after that, his phone number stopped working.This also means, Wang Kunping lost contact, she can not find and see their son?Fate is too teasing.Lin Xueying grief, unable to accept reality, also refused to accept fate.She and her daughter searched henan and Jiangsu provinces, but each time they were disappointed.Lin Xueying thought, can be son accident?This idea made her terrified, so she went to the police station every once in a while to see if there was any news of her son in any recent traffic accident or case.There was no news.Now in her late 70s and in increasingly poor health, Lin xueying remains firmly in the hut and continues to wait for her son to return.”Son, mom has missed you every day these years, and our debts have been paid off. No one can force you anymore.How many years does mom have left now?Whatever it is, you must come back.””I’m staying here to wait for my son.This is where I sent my son away, and this is where I will welcome him home.As long as there is a glimmer of hope, I will wait and wait, this is my weight lost.”Lin Xueying eagerly look forward to every day, wistful, waiting for his son to return.She expects to see her son at her door one day.To this, the daughter feels helpless, although she can protect mother life without worry, cannot let her happiness rise however, can allow mother to wait for.Wish the old man wish come true soon!