More and more young people are choosing blind date, is free love not sweet?

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Why do so many young people choose blind dates?Is free love no longer sweet?What’s the difference?Which is better?Blind date and free love difference free love, just like a building, first cover the main, tall building, gorgeous, that sweet, that romantic, but the foundation is not strong, it is easy to collapse, so a lot of university graduation break up.What about blind dates?The introducer will have a very good understanding of your two personalities and family economic conditions, and will directly explain each other’s shortcomings, just like building a building, the first thing to know is whether the foundation is firm or not.Disadvantages of free love Free love mostly talk about a romance, talk about a good memory, finally left lonely, most will break up, this is why?Because when we were together, maybe it was because of the other person’s beauty, handsome, or humor, but after talking for several years, we will get married, which will expose the other person is not the person we want at all. Finally, only good memories and short-term pain are left.Original author @ Northeast leng Tou Qing