Orthopedic surgeon: If you want your child to grow taller, stay away from these 4 foods

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Children’s height has always been a topic of concern for parents. If parents find their children’s height is not as high as that of other children in the chat, they must feel uncomfortable for several days.Although living conditions are now good, the economic situation of most families can meet the nutritional needs of children, but children usually some partial eating habits, will seriously affect the child’s height.Today we are going to take you to see what foods your child should stay away from and what to pay attention to.1, children should stay away from these 5 kinds of food 1, junk food – lack of nutrients children need fried food, puffed food, pickled food, canned products due to the production process of large nutritional loss, in the production process also added such as flavor, preservatives, pigments and other harmful additives.These foods contain a lot of calories, but nutrients (protein, vitamins and other components) are very few, long-term consumption of this kind of food, can lead to malnutrition in children.In addition, puffed food is a large part of the snacks children eat.Puffed food has no nutrition and is harmful to children’s health.If children eat puffed food regularly, they will not eat well, and in the long run, the body will not get the nutrients it really needs, and it will be difficult to grow tall.2, sugar more food – sugar intake than sugar intake of children short in the diet, if the intake of sugar accounted for 16% to 18% of the total amount of food, you can pay attention to, this level of sugar can make calcium metabolism disorder in the body, block calcium absorption, thus affecting the growth of tall.In addition, once children eat too much sugar, it is easy to bad teeth, if the development of tooth decay, will also affect the child’s normal eating.In addition, sugar can replenish blood sugar, which makes people feel less hungry, but in fact, the body does not replenish nutrients, and children will be at risk of malnutrition and even diabetes for a long time.3, excessive white rice, white flour – high carbohydrate low protein food is the daily staple, but in the process of making, nutrients have been used up, the rest is mostly carbohydrates.Therefore, do not give the child excessive eat milled rice, white flour, to eat some coarse grain to the child appropriately.4, carbonated drinks – carbonated drinks contain phosphorus, the more phosphorus intake, the lower bone density research shows that in the usual likes to drink carbonated drinks in children, there are 60% of the children due to calcium deficiency affect the normal development, especially phosphorus content is too high drinks, excessive drinking lead to calcium, phosphorus ratio imbalance, affect the normal development of children.What’s more, it contains a lot of sugar, drinking too much will make children fat.Someone said “now carbonated drinks out of sugar-free version, can drink sugar-free”, in fact, no matter containing sugar, carbonated drinks contain carbonated will affect the child’s absorption of calcium, often drink can inhibit the child’s skeletal development.Alcohol — May Affect Height Alcohol isn’t technically a food, but it deserves attention.Because a lot of kids are drinking before they’re fully developed.A 2014 survey of High school students in Beijing showed that nearly half had drunk alcohol.In addition, many people like to make their children drink at family gatherings. Please protect your children!Drinking alcohol is bad for your child’s height and even health.So it’s very important to make sure that your growing child stays away from alcohol.Warning: Girls often diet to lose weight, can affect height long-term dieting can lead to children with eating disorders, anorexia nervosa, menstrual disorders, and even amenorrhea.These are all signs of low estrogen, a hormone essential for bone density development and peak bone mass.Maintaining a proper weight and adequate nutrition are important for both growth and overall health.So parents need to guide their children to eat a balanced diet and make sure that their children can get enough nutrition in time.Two, to let the child grow tall, pay attention to the four points 1, pay attention to reasonable nutrition, away from junk food in children’s usual diet, pay attention to nutrition, ensure the intake of milk, meat, eggs, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, guide children to develop not picky food, not partial food habits.Reasonable nutrition collocation is more conducive to the growth and development of children.Junk food, carbonated drinks, overly sweet food should not be eaten, health care products, supplements should not be given to children without the doctor’s advice.2, ensure that children have enough sleep growth hormone secretion and deep sleep, growth hormone secretion is the most exuberant time is 22:00-2:00, generally speaking, children from light sleep to deep sleep, need 30 minutes to 1 hour or so, so let children fall asleep at 9 PM is the best.3, reasonable sports is absolutely the best way to help children grow tall, especially jumping, can stretch muscles, ligaments, stimulate the growth of epiphyseal cartilage, promote tall, such as touch high, high jump, rope skipping, etc..Of course, aerobics, pull-ups, swimming and other stretching exercises also help the whole body bone extension and extension.Reasonable exercise can not only promote children to grow taller, but also help them improve their resistance to pressure and gain confidence!Winter vacation is coming, parents take their children to practice!The so-called “three days doomed, seven points by struggle”, the child’s height is not only affected by genetic factors, acquired factors will also lead to the child’s height difference.Parents do not careless, especially its own genetic conditions have no advantage, more to seize the good opportunity, the child’s growth and development is irreversible, the child can break through genetic height depends on us!