After she died, he began to love her and was born again. He looked at her and saw madness in his eyes

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There are thousands of good books that you can’t see!What is terrible is that there is no good recommendation officer. As a fan of novels for many years, XIAobian would like to point out a new way to find good books quickly.Like to remember to collect oh, let’s say goodbye to the book shortage.After she died, he began to love her and was born again. He looked at her and saw madness in his eyes.After her death, he began to love her and was reborn. When he looked at her, his eyes were full of madness.Highlights: “Ah, I can find you two, quick, quick, Yang Tianxu you hurry with me, Wang Ju’s wife is in crisis.”It was a man of about thirty, with gold – wire eyes.Yang Tianxu knows this person, this man is just in the ward of one of them, but also in the hospital, Yang Tianxu does not dislike the people.”What do you mean?”Du Meng asked in disbelief.”But don’t say, you hurriedly go with me, in not past, the wife of king bureau is quick not line.”Listened to the man’s words, Yang Tianxu had dispute in the heart.I guess those old guys get paid to test a lot of things, huh?But the woman could not delay any longer, it seemed that they were at their wit’s end.”Ha ha, you let me leave I also left, let me go back I will go back?If I listened to you, would I not lose face?”Yang Tianxu looked at the man to ridicule said a.”So what do you want to do?Don’t forget, you are the son-in-law of the director of this hospital.Don’t take yourself so seriously. The hospital needs you now. Don’t be so shameless.”Apparently the man did not think Yang Tianxu could refuse him, gas glasses almost fell down.”Identity?Haha today can be really strange, how so many people remind me of my identity?Huh?What do you think?”Yang Tianxu turned around and looked at Du Meng contemptuously.On the other side, Wang Dafu looked at his wife in bed pain rolling, anxious but dare not come forward.(Click below to read it for free online.) Book 2: Take a World with you highlights: “This cabbage, cabbage, tomato, lettuce, beans, green peppers…Give me ten bags of each first.”Chen Wu came to put vegetable seeds on the shelf to see the top filled with usually common vegetable seeds, see the price found that a bag of vegetable seeds is not worth any money, they put seeds on the shelf above all said down.”Young man, you are joking from time to time, vegetable seeds must be planted before eating vegetables, vegetable seeds are not edible, if you want to eat seeds, I have a lot of high-quality peanuts, you can buy this.”After hearing what Chen Wu said, the shopkeeper was a little dumbfounded and said, “This young man bought so many seeds that he could never plant them on the balcony.””Boss, my friend’s parents are farmers planting vegetables in the suburbs, I am on the way over to buy on their behalf, by the way, which quality of peanuts also give me five jin, I take home to block cooking to eat.”Chen Wu looked at the dumbfounded shop owner and knew that he had frightened the owner who did not know the truth.”Well, I thought you were going to waste them, and I almost refused to sell them to you.”The shopkeeper said to Chen Wu carefully as he packed the vegetable seeds.”Say where go, the seed that can eat raw, I am not a child.”Chen Wu said with a laugh.”Young man, HERE I still have some authentic changbai mountain ginseng, cordyceps sinensis, dendrobium officinale, polygonum multiflorum, tianqi and other medicinal materials seed, you see want to help your friend buy some on behalf of?”The shop owner looked at Chen Wu and said casually.”Can medicinal herbs be grown from seeds?”Chen Wu looked at the boss who was packing and said earnestly: “Boss, I read little, you must not cheat me?”(click below online free reading) the third: “crazy upgrade system” highlights: poem snow cloud bullying, let everyone know, yi Tianyunin her heart of the status is how high, for Yi Tianyunin are not at all with day lingzong for the enemy!In fact, poem snow cloud is measured, days ling zong absolutely dare not mess, even if hit Zhao Hualong a slap in the face, will not let the two into the fight.Although the comprehensive strength of The Temple is weaker than the King, but in terms of human connections, the temple is much stronger than the king.Married tian Xuan palace disciples can be many, in the outside status even if not particularly high, but there is no problem to bring some people to support.Zhao Hualong knew his words were a little harsh, but he was slapped in the face, how could anger fall so, immediately sneered: “Poetry palace hit me in the face, this is undoubtedly humiliating me, this is not a simple sentence can settle.””If I am right, why not play him?I didn’t embarrass him, but he wounded our disciples. We must give an explanation and accuse us of robbing the Dragon’s blood God Dan. Do you think we can’t afford the Dragon’s blood God Dan?”He was more angry, poem snow cloud in front of so many people, his slap, this humiliation can be imagined.”Is it?I repeat, I believe tianyun is not going to beat people, it is you who want to rob The Dragon blood God Dan!I admit, you can afford dragon blood Dan, but you won’t be using it on fangchen’s crap!Really determined to push this mistake to the sky cloud body, that don’t expect me polite!”Poem snow cloud body momentum has not dispersed, rising up again, anger in the eyes of billowing.Yi Tianyun will be defeated, this point regardless, mainly his body is too weak, resulting in poor physique, if hit fly out, even if not dead, will end up with a disability.After she died, he began to love her and was reborn. He looked at her and saw madness in his eyes.Today we first recommend here, xiaobian continue to try to give you tao books, what do you want to say to xiaobian?At the end of the article below the comment area, xiaobian will be very serious to see oh, there is a good novel can also tell xiaobian oh, looking forward to your message and attention.