China’s top speed gun

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Gao Tingyu of China celebrates after a match in Beijing, Feb 12, 2018.Our reporter Hong-song guo/light pictures taken two Olympic winter games, Gao Ting yu twice the speed skating history of China, the young man was the Olympics opening ceremony of the Chinese delegation flag-bearer speech: “I can live up to everyone’s trust”, “the second time to participate in the Olympics, is go all out, other don’t want to, on the strength to talk!”At about 17:30 on February 12, at the “Ice Ribbon”, he made Chinese speed skating history with his own strength and fulfilled his promise before the race.Gao Tingyu, 25, rose to fame as a teenager. Born in Yichun, Heilongjiang Province, he was selected to the Chinese speed skating team at the age of 19.At the 8th Asian Winter Games in 2017, gao Tingyu, 20, won the men’s 500m speed skating race in 34.69 seconds, setting a new Asian Winter Games record.At the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Gao Tingyu won the bronze medal in the men’s 500-meter speed skating race, making a breakthrough for a Chinese male speed skater to win no Olympic MEDALS.Although Gao Ting yu super power is speed skating competition recognized as “one of the strongest start athletes”, but after entering the Beijing Olympic cycle, Gao Ting yu the first half of the training is not well, first he experienced YaoShang, then enter the stage, to adapt to the new ice skates in the genius and training hard he soon to improve their own technology, improved performance.Gao skated 33.83 seconds in September last year, missing the world record by 0.22 seconds.In his first World Cup victory this season in Poland, Gao clocked a stunning 9.32 seconds in the first 100 meters, the fastest in speed skating history.Earlier this year, after finishing the World Cup, Gao returned to the Erqi National Ice and Snow Sports Training and Research Base in Beijing, and further improved her starting ability. She also made progress in sliding, turning and sprinting.Before the Beijing Games, it was widely assumed that Gao would be the closest competitor to that gold medal.At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 4, Gao Tingyu and Zhao Dan carried the Chinese national flag together.Ni Huizhong, secretary general of the Chinese Sports delegation, said that Gao tingyu, who has participated in the Winter Olympics for the second time, was chosen as the flag bearer in the hope that everyone could feel the expectation of the delegation, and recognized the efforts of the athletes as well as their breakthroughs.On February 12, the seventh day of speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics, all eyes were on Gao Tingyu.The men’s 500m race began at 17:00.Gao Tingyu was placed in group 7, with Poland’s Jurek.Gao made full use of his fast acceleration after the gun shot and clocked 9.42 seconds for the first 100 meters. After that, Gao maintained high speed during the slide and slightly slowed down as he entered the corner.But in the final stretch, Gao kept accelerating and finished in 34.32 seconds, breaking the Olympic record and placing first.In the next 30 minutes, the other 26 competitors came out, but no one was better than Gao tingyu, who had secured a medal before the last group came out.When the last group of competitors finished, the clock showed that Gao Tingyu was still in first place, and he had won a precious gold medal for China.Gao hugged his team, carried the national flag around the stadium, and galloped to celebrate, giving both spectators and opponents inside and outside the stadium a sense of China’s speed and power.Gao tingyu, who won China’s first Olympic speed skating gold medal eight years ago in Sochi, was presented the medal by Zhang Hong, a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The two Chinese Winter Olympic legends gathered at the “ice Ribbon” and received the warmest applause from the audience.In an interview with the media after the match, Gao tingyu said he “could have been faster,” he said, “because I was injured before the match and I didn’t play 100 percent.”Gao tingyu was not satisfied with his Olympic record of 34.32 seconds.It wasn’t his fastest time, he said, and he had gone faster in previous training sessions.”Ice Ribbon is the best speed skating venue in the plain area,” Gao said. “Today’s result is the slowest I’ve skated here.”As a matter of fact, gao tingyu has been under tremendous pressure during the whole preparation period, especially with high expectations on him and his desire to turn the bronze medal he won in the last Winter Olympics into a gold medal.Gao said bluntly that he was happy to “walk the talk”.”Let the five-starred red flag wave at the highest!Win glory for our motherland!For the nation!”Before the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Gao Tingyu made such an ambitious decision after learning that he had been chosen to carry the national flag for the Chinese delegation.Now he has delivered on that promise with a perfect performance.(Reporter Hou Keke Wang Dong)