Eat orange to have 2 contraindications, an injury liver an injury stomach!A lot of people don’t know

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Oranges account for half of the winter fruit crop.Among them, orange is the most popular, because of its high sweetness, it is also very convenient to eat, often can eat several in one breath.Let’s not talk about eating more oranges will fire this matter, there are two mistakes in eating oranges, one hurt the stomach, one hurt the liver…What most people don’t know is that anyone sitting on the couch with a mouthful of sugar orange had better take a look first.We eat oranges to eat more is not only convenient and delicious, the nutrition and medicinal value of oranges in winter can not be underestimated, 1 orange =5 medicine!01, orange leaves Chinese medicine believes that orange leaves have the effect of regulating the liver qi, detumescence and sanknot.02, ORANGE peel believe that a lot of people drink orange peel bubble water, to prevent a cold fire!Orange many people will tangle whether to eat orange meat on the white silk, in fact, it is called orange, not only can eat, or a traditional Chinese medicine, xuantong meridian, qi phlegm.04, orange meat orange meat in addition to delicious, and shengjin thirst, appetizer digestion role!05, orange core you heard right, orange core can also be medicine ~ have the effect of qi Sanjie pain.Although orange advantages are many, but when eating must pay attention to these 2 taboos, otherwise very hurt the body!01 Don’t swallow the nuclear will surely someone will say, you just said orange nuclear medicine!Xiaobian to tell you that although orange nuclear medicine, but not to let everyone eat orange will not vomit the core, the method is not directly eat ah!Ingesting large quantities of orange stones can cause them to mix with other food in the stomach, forming clumps that can lead to intestinal obstruction, which can be life-threatening!In the past, someone’s stomach almost burst after swallowing so many orange stones!If you really want to use the pips, you can go to the drugstore and buy them. Swallowing the pips is the wrong thing to do!Because oranges contain certain amounts of naringin and fū nan coumarins, which inhibit the metabolism of statins, this can increase the concentration of the drug in the blood.The common drug statins are: lovastatin, pravastatin, fluvastatin, atorvastatin, rosuvastatin, etc.;And some antihypertensive drugs, such as filodipine and nifedipine.So, when people take these drugs, do not eat oranges, especially the elderly, people with poor liver and kidney function, weak people, people who take multiple drugs.In addition, orange is rich in fruit acid, in order to prevent the destruction of drug components, take ontoxolactone, sulfonamide drugs, potassium drugs, vitamin K and other drugs, do not eat orange or drink orange juice.In addition, we often say, don’t eat too many oranges, will catch fire.Earlier, there were also media reports that four men bought a box of oranges before returning from a business trip, but ate them all at the airport because the shipping fee was too expensive.After going back to the four people are angry, the corners of the mouth long blisters, a touch of pain, the parties said that they do not want to eat oranges any more.So, do you know why oranges burn when you eat too many?Oranges turn you on because they’re so sweet.Oranges contain 12.8 percent sugar and are easy to eat, as they don’t need to be peeled.Just sit there and eat a lot in a few minutes.All of a sudden intake of a lot of sugar, it is very easy to lead to an oversupply of heat in the body, these energy can not be consumed, will be transformed into fat accumulation in the body, leading to metabolic dysfunction, resulting in dry mouth, sore throat and other “hyperthermia” symptoms.In addition, some people have a poor ability to absorb sugar. If you eat too many oranges at once, the high concentration of sugar will cause the fluid in the throat cells to seep out, which can cause throat irritation.In addition, under the environment of high sugar, the bacteria in the mouth are active and multiply very fast, so it is easy to appear gum inflammation, oral ulcer, tongue blister and other diseases, let a person feel “hot”.Some people may say, ah, how can eat an orange so troublesome, eat just eat, this is not for the sake of our health, or hope that we can remember these precautions, have a happy New Year!