The first county of lentinus edodes production: Science and technology support lentinus edodes world

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More than 75,000 shiitake greenhouses are located in the villages, rivers and valleys of the county, and 36,000 households 118,000 people are specialized in the production of shiitake mushrooms all year round, with a scale of 360 million sticks. The annual output of shiitake mushrooms is 360,000 tons, accounting for 10% of the provincial output and 3% of the national output.This is located in the “Funiu Mountain high-quality mushroom core area,” China’s largest mushroom production county In Henan Province, Lushi County.It is the time of spring mountain competition and spring production. From the Yangtze River valley of Nanshan Mountain in Lushi County to the shallow hills of Shanbei mountain and Luohe River, the land of Lushi County is full of busy scenes of mushroom harvesting and stubbing. The air is filled with the thick fragrance of mushroom and the joy of harvest.”From the production of lentinus edodes exceeding 100 million sticks in 2016 to the current ‘Giant’ scale, science and technology research and development, science and technology promotion has played a major role, supporting lu’s ‘Mushroom Capital’, mushroom world.”Lu shi county mushroom industry chain chain long, deputy secretary of the county party committee han Jidong said.In the mushroom production base of linhai Xinghua Agricultural Development Co., LTD., Longju Village, Shuanglongwan town, 39 mushroom farmers from more than 10 towns and villages in the county are engaged in the training of senior edible fungus production workers for half a month.Li Bin, 31 years old this year, is the trainee of this training course, living in Wenyu township jianxi village, in 2019 came to Linhai Xinghua company mushroom production base for work, at first do not understand technology, can only do some physical work such as handling.Later, he participated in a series of training for edible fungus production workers organized by the company. This time, he will get a senior certificate and become a technical backbone. His salary has also increased from 3,000 yuan at the beginning to 6,000 or 7,000 yuan now.Lushi County Linhai Xinghua Agricultural Development Company is the first sanmenxia city to obtain training, certification of the enterprise.In December 2020, Linhai Xinghua Training Center was established to carry out pre-job training, skills upgrading training and new apprenticeship training.In June 2021, Linhai Xinghua Skill Level Identification Center was established, which has the qualification of examination and certification.Over the past year, the company has trained and identified 242 primary workers, 7 intermediate workers and 110 senior workers in edible fungus production.These 359 local talents in mushroom production who grew up from ordinary farmers are scattered and rooted in the land like dandelion seeds, becoming the backbone of mushroom production technology.The reason why Lentinus edodes production can grow bigger and stronger lies in the introduction of more than 20 leading enterprises in the production and operation of lentinus edodes, and the implementation of the production and operation mode of “enterprise + base + cooperative + peasant household”.Linhai Xinghua Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is the largest and most advanced leading enterprise in the production of Lushi mushroom.Technicians show mushroom products qr code in east town jian kitamura mushroom production base, the production manager Xie Yangyang swiping the screen with your fingers, you can see the whole beautiful xinghua company from raw material procurement to bacterium rod production and 28 with mushroom production base of more than 2000 standardized mushroom greenhouse production situation, and on the day of the mushroom 18 levels of sales price.At the same time, the number and grade of mushrooms sold by more than 3500 households, and the sales and inventory of the company on that day, as well as the quality traceability of each mushroom, are clear.The “Intelligent management system of Mushroom Big Data” was developed by the chairman of the company, Ye Chuanlin, who invested more than 10 million yuan in research and development, and applied to the procurement, production and sales of the whole company, turning the production and management of tens of thousands of people in the company into a “worry free”.The production of mushrooms is both physical labor and technical content.Traditional lentinus edodes production has many links and a large amount of labor.But in Lu Shi county, the reporter sees, each link becomes very relaxed.In the mushroom production base in Henan Village, Zhuyangguan Town, Ren Zhangwu gently pressed the switch, the automatic spraying system in the mushroom greenhouse started, and the water mist filled the mushroom shed. In more than one hour, the more than 10,000 sticks of mushroom in the shed were “full” of water, and the humidity of fungus sticks reached the best state.In the past, it took three or four days to inject more than 10,000 sticks of fungus into a mushroom shed. The workers were soaked and tired, and the quality of water injection was uneven.Ye Chuanlin, chairman of Linhai Xinghua Agricultural Development And known as the “King of shiitake mushrooms,” invented the sprinkler automation device.Ye Chuanlin, who has devoted himself to the mushroom industry since 2017, has invested more than 800 million yuan to build the world’s largest automated fungus stick production factory and mushroom production Research Institute in Lushi County, Henan Province.While managing the enterprise, he has studied hard and devoted himself to invention. He has patented more than 30 practical inventions for mushroom production, including classification of mushrooms, loading and unloading of logistics vehicles and management of production bases.Complex productive labor becomes easy and easy.Science and technology is the primary productive force.Science and technology has supported henan Lu mushroom capital, mushroom world.Editor: Cao Anyue