The police station of Heze station carried out the propaganda work of banning burning and releasing

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China Shandong network – Perception shandong February 4 news (reporter Zhao Xiaolu) in order to further do a good job of fireworks ban work, reduce the impact of fireworks discharge on air quality, maintain public health and social public safety, to ensure that people spend an environmental protection, safety, and peaceful Spring Festival holiday,Station police station of Development Zone Branch of Heze City Public Security Bureau carries out propaganda activities of fireworks and firecrackers prohibition in strict accordance with the requirements of the branch.On February 3, the police station actively carried out propaganda activities to ban fireworks and firecrackers in the area under its jurisdiction, distributing propaganda pages, hanging banners and circulating propaganda words from mobile car loudspeakers in key units, residential areas and crowded places under its jurisdiction.Strengthen patrol and street level control in stores along the street, small supermarkets, large hotels and idle rural courtyards combined with the recent investigation of potential safety hazards.At the same time, the station police station and the local office to implement grid management, one person for one community, two people for one community, to ensure that the publicity, monitoring and management in place.Station police station police also for people returning home for the Spring Festival, community police, auxiliary police and grid members to carry out household publicity to prevent telecom network fraud related knowledge,By distributing pamphlets, live with case interpretation methods such as the crowd on scam “pretend to be the leading cadre”, “pretend to be minor staff fraud”, “winning scam” and “loan fraud”, “brush single fraud” and so on the characteristics of the new telecom network fraud and idiomatic means, remind people encountered a similar situation to alert, “wu good purse, beware deceived.