Which good is white toilet paper or yellow toilet paper?Now I know

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I don’t know when, under the banner of “natural” yellow toilet paper by many people in pursuit.Is yellow toilet paper really safer and healthier than white toilet paper?Is it better to buy white or yellow toilet paper?That’s the answer to the mystery!1.Yellow vs. White Toilet Paper How does yellow toilet paper stay its natural color?The color of paper is greatly influenced by the raw material.White toilet paper is mostly made of wood fiber, while yellow paper is made of bamboo fiber, which accounts for the difference in color.The color difference between the two kinds of toilet paper also lies in the difference of their production process.White toilet paper and yellow toilet paper are made in much the same way, the only difference being that yellow paper does not have the bleaching process.As a result, yellow toilet paper without bleach is often considered healthier than white.Is yellow toilet paper really all natural?While most yellow toilet paper doesn’t contain bleach, it’s not all natural.Unbleached pulp contains more impurities, resulting in a coarser texture.Some add chemicals to soften the paper to enhance its texture.It should be noted that in order to cater for people’s pursuit of natural and green, some black-hearted merchants will dye white toilet paper into yellow toilet paper for secondary sales.So when we buy yellow toilet paper, we must be careful, do not be cheated by bad businesses!Baby do not use yellow toilet paper yellow toilet paper is rough texture, feel is harder.Baby’s skin is very delicate, if you don’t pay attention to the strength of the yellow toilet paper wipe, it is likely to bring discomfort.Too white paper does not cause cancer People often read on the Internet that using too white paper towels causes cancer, but there is no scientific basis for such claims.Because the chlorine compounds used in bleaching are washed repeatedly in subsequent processes, the trace amounts left in toilet paper are not enough to cause harm.Therefore, as long as the toilet paper meets the national standard, no matter white or yellow, everyone can safely use it.Toilet paper is a life necessity that every household uses, and if you choose the wrong one, it’s bad!Let’s learn how to tell the difference between good and bad toilet paper. The easiest way to tell is by the touch.Generally good toilet paper feels more soft and delicate, and poor toilet paper feel is more rough, there will be some irregular lines above.Pull method of good quality toilet paper is more flexible, need to use a larger force to open.If the toilet paper is easy to tear, and the residue, it is not good quality.Turn on the flashlight and put the toilet paper on the flashlight to observe the color uniformity of the toilet paper.Poor quality toilet paper is often uneven in color because it contains a lot of bleach and impurities.Soak a cup of water. Soak a piece of toilet paper in the water and stir it with chopsticks.Toilet paper is of good quality if it doesn’t break easily, and poor quality if it doesn’t.Burn toilet paper with a lighter and observe the color of the ash.If the ash is black, it means the quality of the toilet paper is not good, not raw tissue.3.Besides cleaning, toilet paper has many unexpected uses, each of which is super practical!Cut off a small piece of pork and cover it with toilet paper.After two minutes, remove the toilet paper and try to light it with a lighter.If the paper towel is wet and does not easily ignite, it means the pork has been filled with water.After cleaning the wok, dry it with toilet paper and take two pieces of toilet paper, one to cover the wok and one to put on the bottom of the wok.Video Source:”Living small helper yukio okamoto, toilet paper” absorbent strong, with the help of it, I don’t have to worry about an iron rust ~ odor removal of refrigerator Toilet paper has strong adsorption ability, it is life’s deodorant small pro ~ put a roll of toilet paper in the refrigerator, it will slowly adsorption odor ~ a month in a roll in the refrigerator is enough,The roll paper that change comes down also can continue to use wipe besmirch, also do not waste ~ curl toilet paper or girls change beautiful sharp implement, suit to do not want to perm especially harm hair qualitative little fairy!Take about 15 centimeters of toilet paper and fold it in half to form a long strip.Starting at the end of the hair, roll it inside-out all the way to the top of your head, then tie the toilet paper in a knot and secure.Have a good sleep, wake up and unwrap the toilet paper one by one, a head of elegant and romantic long curly hair is yours, hurry to try ~ small toilet paper unexpectedly has so much knowledge now know it?Stop discriminating against white toilet paper!Source/Lohuo Ji Editor/Chen Xiaobing signed/Zhifei producer/Xi Shujun