Why should I wear red in this year?Cold stuff you probably didn’t know

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When it comes to “Benming year”, we always think of red!From red socks to red hats, a suit of red, is the “year of the birth” standard match.So, why should we wear red in this year?About “benming year” as early as in the Western Han Dynasty, “Benming Year” said, has been handed down until now.The so-called “too old”, “too old in the head, no happiness will be a disaster”, about the main culprit in the year of the birth, there are ballads in the spread.It is recorded in the Annals of The Three Kingdoms that Guan Lu predicted that he would die at the age of 48, which is the fourth year of his life. As a result, guan Lu had his own theory: “There are constants in heaven, which should not be avoided, but one does not know what they are hearing.I was about a hundred people died, slightly correct also “think, at that time, people through the” year of the birth “to predict the fate of people has been quite common.The year of the zodiac comes from the ancient way of counting the years with the twelve zodiac animals, which belongs to the cycle of the twelve earthly branches.The twelve earthly branches are derived from the ancient people’s observation of the movement of celestial bodies. It can be said that the nature of the year of birth is a feedback of the cyclic movement of heaven and earth in the course of one’s life.The appearance of each birth year represents a new beginning.Red is the color of “good luck” Chinese people advocate red, in the eyes of most people, red is a color with strong life significance.Therefore, people paste Spring Festival couplets, red window decorations, hang red lanterns and so on.In the Book of Changes, red is “li gua”, “Li” represents light, and the five elements belong to fire.According to the theory of Yin and Yang, red is Yang, just like the sun, and can be used to enhance the good fortune of the year.In addition, in the consciousness of the ancients, red is a kind of exorcism.As long as you can place the crime against the human being, you can place the crime as long as you place it.Square phase four eyes of gold, Mongolian bearskin, xuan Yi Zhu Sang, holding the devil in the forbidden.””Biography of Wang Mang” in the Book of Han, Wang Mang because of the founding of the Han Dynasty, the heart is very afraid of The han Gaozu Liu Bang’s soul will punish him, so “sent huben warrior into the high temple, drew a sword all around the attack, axe bad You, peach soup ochre whip, whip scattered house wall.In short, red is a very auspicious and happy color, in a piece of red, we will bump into a full of hope, I hope everyone in the New Year, smooth, good luck.In fact, in our daily life, there are a lot of things we know, but we don’t know why.Like how do you get three meals a day?What the hell is going on with the love affair?Why doesn’t the Chinese zodiac have a cat?Next, we will give you a popular science, to solve the puzzle of everyone ~01 why there is no cat in the Chinese zodiac?Some folk myths and legends explain this problem by saying that “rats deceive cats”, but the real reason is that there were no cats in ancient China. Cats originated from Egypt and when they were introduced to China is not clear. Folklore says that The Tang Sanzang brought them back from India (in fact, it was in the Han Dynasty).So before the cat was introduced into China, the Chinese zodiac had been decided long ago.What’s more, tiger is already a big cat in the Chinese Zodiac, so kittens don’t have to be on duty and can just hunt mice at home.02 Why go to the toilet and go to the kitchen?In ancient times, maps were drawn according to the rule of up south, down north, left east and right west, instead of the rule of up north, down south, left west and right east as now.Ancient Chinese people were very particular and often arranged things according to the five elements.And the azimuth of ancient toilet, also have regulation slant east position in the north, and the kitchen should be built slant east in the south.Go to the south, used to say south;When you go north, it’s customary to say north.When going to the bathroom, go to the north side of the yard, so go to the bathroom;When you want to go to the kitchen, you want to go to the south side of the courtyard, so let’s talk about the kitchen and also, in the old days, the kitchen was usually a place for servants to go in and out, for the lower class.At the same time, according to the ancient law of map drawing, so, the kitchen came from this.Why are the top four names “Zhao qian Sun Li”?In the Hundred Family Names, why is it “Zhao Qian Sun Li” at the beginning?Is it because these names were more common at the time?In fact, they were not arranged by the number of people with these names.According to Ming and Qing dynasty documents, The Hundred Family Names is a work of Chinese surnames, which was first edited by a Confucian scholar in the Wu and Yue regions in the early Song Dynasty.The “hundred” of “Hundred Family Names” is an empty reference. According to the current edition of “Hundred Family Names”, there are actually 504 surnames in the book.However, the 100 Family Names of the Song Dynasty included 411 surnames, which were actually added by later generations.As for why it starts with “Zhao, Qian, Sun, Li”, it is mainly because of the historical background at that time.”Zhao” was the emperor’s surname;”Qian” was the surname of the king of The State of Wu yue during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms.Sun was the family name of the concubines of the Song dynasty.”Li” is the surname of emperor Li Hou of the Later Tang Dynasty.When the emperor and the mother of the country have to respect, their own emperor also have to remember, so can only be arranged in this way.Why is it called “love affair”?In some dynasties, it was believed that women were involved in adultery. However, a poem in the Book of Songs, “Peach Day burns its splendor”, describes the beautiful scene when a woman gets married.In the book of Changes, ziwu maoyou represents the four directions of “due south, due north, due east and due West” in the earth branch. When the “four elephants meet”, peach blossoms will be in full bloom. At this time, people call love “peach blossom luck”.Why do we give children Lucky money during the Spring Festival?Every Spring Festival, is “Lao Zi” wallet cry, children wallet drum time.It is said that some children earn a lot of money during the Spring Festival. It is not a dream to earn tens of thousands of yuan a day.And adults, a Spring Festival down, the collective death of the purse.So why on earth to give children New Year’s money?It is said that in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1252), one year of the Spring Festival, the younger son of Vice Chancellor Wang Shao terrace man was robbed by evil men while he was playing with adults watching the lights in the street.In the process of escape, he happened to meet the government car, Shouting for help, the evil man put down the south terrace to escape.Later, When Song Shenzong learned of this, he gave Nan all money to quell his fears.Since then, “Lucky money” spread among the people.This custom of giving New Year’s money, so spread to the present, it is not only adults to children’s talisman, but also represents adults to children a good blessing.I wish my child good health and good luck throughout the year.Why do men wear Guanyin and women wear Buddha?As a woman, things are disturbing, and it is hard to avoid all kinds of worries. Buddha’s tolerance and magnanimity can dissolve all kinds of worries. Therefore, the “Buddha” of “female wearing Buddha” refers not to Buddha Sakyamuni, but to Maitreya bodhisattva.Men wear more guanyin, is to let men less cruel and violence, more mercy and gentleness of guanyin.However, our society is a pluralistic society, our country is a multi-ethnic country, and our culture is multi-cultural. We have traditional religious beliefs as well as diverse folk beliefs.So, men wearing guanyin and women wearing Buddha, just a folk belief.Both Dai Guanyin and Dai Bodhisattva are good wishes and auspicious expectations for their own life. Therefore, both Dai Guanyin and Dai Buddha are the most auspicious and beautiful.How do you get three meals a day?We now think it’s normal to eat three meals a day, and there’s even talk of late night snacks, afternoon tea and fruit before meals.But in fact, before the Song Dynasty, people only ate two meals a day, only the royal family had four meals, and vassals had three meals.This is attributed to the economic prosperity of the Song Dynasty, in addition to the wine shops were no longer confined in the middle of the market as in the Tang Dynasty, the night market did not implement a curfew at night, the night life was rich, so they added a dinner.Why is bluster called “bragging”?In the past, after slaughtering pigs and sheep, the butcher would cut a small hole in its leg, put its mouth together and blow hard into it until its whole body expanded. When the knife was gently pulled, the skin would split open by itself.This is called “blowing pig” or “blowing sheep”.Anyone who says they can blow up their cowhide is exaggerating.Because cowhide is very big, and very strong, you can’t blow.So “braggadocio” has become the pronoun of braggadocio!Why is a rich man’s son-in-law called “jingui”?In daily life, people usually call a very rich son-in-law a jinguixu. For example, if a girl marries a very rich husband, it is said that the girl has found a jinguixu.So why is jinguixu a rich son-in-law, and how did this idiom come from?Jinguixu is related to the ornaments of officials in tang Dynasty.At the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, all officials wore fish symbols and fish bags.Fish symbols are made of different materials. “Prince with gold, common officials with copper, all with their position and name”. Fish bags are also “decorated with gold for more than three items and silver for more than five items”.Can wear golden turtle (or golden turtle bag), are princes or three or more officials.Later generations to “jinguixu”, refers to the status of noble son-in-law.See you here, is the success of knowledge?In fact, the above questions and answers are mostly a phenomenon formed by our development for so many years. We do not need to pursue the right and wrong. Sometimes, it is meaningful and interesting to understand.Edited by: Journal of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Nursing Correspondent: Qin Shasha, Sun Lei, Wang Jingjing