Henan province enterprises for the first time into the “Science and technology Innovation China” list of cutting-edge enterprises

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On February 23, the reporter learns from henan province association for science and technology, held by China Association for Science and Technology of the 2022 annual meeting, “kechuang China” henan sent Neil automation equipment co., LTD., chengtong source new material co., LTD of puyang city, puyang kore chemical co., LTD in 2021 young enterprise “kechuang China” list, this also is enterprise in henan province for the first time included in the list.The list of “Sci-tech Innovation China” Emerging Enterprises is a group of small and medium-sized sci-tech enterprises selected by China Association for Science and Technology for the pilot cities (parks) of “Sci-tech innovation China”, supported by scientific innovation or business model innovation, which have entered the initial stage of growth and have made outstanding contributions to local areas.The three henan enterprises listed in this list are all small and medium-sized technology enterprises with high growth potential in relevant segments in Henan Province.Among them, Henan Paiyanir Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. has made great achievements in the field of automation, and has provided high-quality system solutions, products, projects and services for more than 2000 enterprises and institutions at home and abroad.Puyang Shengtong Juyuan New Materials Co., Ltd. put into production 130,000 tons of polycarbonate project, filled the blank of this material field in Henan Province, achieved a breakthrough in high-end material manufacturing, has important strategic significance for the transformation and upgrading of henan chemical industry;Puyang Keliwei Chemical Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the domestic water treatment agent industry, taking the research and development of chlorine-containing disinfectant products as the development direction, the sales volume of the world’s top three, is the only chloro-isocyanuric acid disinfectant manufacturer in the province.According to the provincial association for science and technology relevant controller introduces, in recent years, henan province association for science and technology to implement “kechuang zhongyuan” action, make the top one city conference on industrial technology development, have raised a research report, have raised a corps of science and technology and so on brand work, recommend, hebi city of puyang city for “kechuang China” pilot city, focus on building economic depth fusion area of science and technology demonstration model.In the next step, we will actively carry out the development activities of enabling enterprises of science and technology innovation and the activities of attracting talents to Henan with the help of science and technology innovation, comprehensively promote the construction and cultivation of pilot cities of “Science and technology innovation Center”, and further form a service system of industry and education integration and three-level linkage of science and technology innovation.Source: Henan Daily Editor: CAI Xiaoyu