Is there anyone who loves you for ten years?

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A double poster for the film has been released, announcing that it will be released on Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2022.The film is adapted from the book Sea cangsheng novel of the same name, about the beautiful love story of the speech and Wen Heng spanning ten years.”Unless loess bones, I keep you a hundred years without worry, this is our ten years.” “May someone love you, ten years like a day.””Get into what words die than the eye, only envy wenyan not envy fairy.”Belong to wenyan that seems to be sparse and ordinary imprint is engraved on my heart ten years, looking forward to Ding Yu Xi and Ren Min’s emotional interpretation.From love to marriage, through ten years, I only have you in my heart.Since then, peace, even if the endless.”Yun Heng, I hate you.””But I miss you.”The card arrived at her on Christmas Day with the message happy New Year.Who should be the scene, and who should be the mood?Hers is there, and she is as rustic, as silly.Do not know the foreign festival, but estimated the time, sent in a long time ago, hoping that before the beginning of 1999, that stubborn by his writing “yun Heng” sister can receive his New Year wishes.There was a young boy, lingering sick bed, closed his eyes, how long, to become these two lines!”Brother, if Grandma were alive, would she not want me?”‘No, nobody wants you!Grandma loves you the most, remember?Before I quarrel with you, grandma always coax you first, right?””But grandpa used to love me, and now he doesn’t want me.””Earl, grandma told me before she died that she knew the truth, just like Grandpa.She knows you are not her pro granddaughter, she secretly investigated the whereabouts of a balance when we were very young, but she did not take her back, until the death have no, also did not go to see her, is not?””Crack!” she heard something cracking in her chest, the cold night, the hot wound…She slipped quietly out of the corner into the icy snow, frozen to the bone.Ah Heng, ah Heng, she read his name, the corner of a wet.I feel bad. I feel bad.Why? Why doesn’t anyone want her?Why…She seriously in front of the Yunheng, others behind the point and scold the wild seed, but there is no way to refute, because they are not wrong, they say is the truth.She seriously in front of the Wen Heng, all love Wensiler people forget, hate, but there is no way to noisy, because they are not wrong, wenheng robbed all of Wensiler.The world, after all, had Winssel before Winsbalance.She had never hated herself so much.Why exist…For the first year, he protected her.The next year, she protected him.The third year, he took her in.In the fourth year, they fell in love.She married him in the tenth year.He left the third year.The tenth year, Wen Heng: Long time no see.