Jie way car break circle named, let you directly “lie” to win life

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With the development of The Times and new technologies, cars are no longer the cold means of transportation at the beginning, but become warm and living individuals. They not only bring convenient and safe travel experience, but also show people’s attitude to pursue a better life.Such a change, the most intuitive is the change of model naming.For a long time, cars have been named around their performance, their vision, and while it sounds very allegorical, it can more or less evoke a serious, stereotypical image.In the past two years, with the rise of the young generation after 1990 and the rise of “national fashion”, the naming ways of cars are beginning to become interesting and diversified, from animals to fruits, from classical to modern, all kinds of patterns emerge in an endless stream.And in many new naming, jie way car model naming way is particularly unique, it is not only the first time to introduce the ancient Chinese historical celebrity model naming, more different configuration models joined the most intuitive naming way.Wisdom and loyalty of the incarnation of jie Way X70 Zhuge version not “wolong name” which, Jie way X70 Zhuge version of the name is very worth pondering.As the jieway automobile launched in this year’s new products, Jieway X70 Zhuge version not only product force level is excellent, but also by virtue of its “Zhuge” model name and Wuhou, Kongming, Wolong three different configurations of the car named fan countless.It is understood that jie Way X70 Zhuge version of the name is through the product itself in the wisdom of science and technology, the overall performance of the bright spot, combined with the image of the wisdom of zhuge Liang incarnation of The Three Kingdoms IP to create, can bring users “Zhuge Machine, the liberation of mobile phone” car experience.In addition to jietu X70 Zhuge version, on September 17, the new “big family happy driving” Jietu X90 PLUS, in the naming of the model is also brilliant.Now that is a happy big family of sincerity and rapid way X90 PLUS for five different configuration models respectively named villa villa, house, garden, villa, garden, show visually express way X90 PLUS the mansion of beautiful, like houses as comfortable as quiet, villa, courtyard space, the same noble manor,Let consumers choose a car just like choosing a house, in line with people’s expectations and yearning for a happy life, resonate with consumers.As a large-space SUV designed for the generation struggling for a happy family, Jetto X90 PLUS knows well the responsibility and care of consumers for their families. They are hardworking family people.They hope that they can live in a foreign house, exchange a mansion, enjoy a garden, buy a villa and enjoy the manor through efforts. “Big house dream” is one of their goals for the family.In fact, jetway X90 PLUS space is also worth mentioning.It has 4858mm large body, 1925mm wide cockpit and 2850mm long wheelbase, 5-seat trunk volume up to 1130L, the vehicle storage space up to 35, from space data to practicality, it is better than competitors at the same level, it is not too much to call it “mobile big room”.As we all know, Chinese consumers have always attached great importance to the space of their cars.Especially at the moment when the two-child policy is implemented and the three-child policy is implemented, consumers who just need to travel with family often face the “hard target” of at least five people adding some luggage when traveling.In the face of such space requirements, traditional cars and suVs of conventional sizes are just like the urgency of three generations of a family living together in a studio apartment, which makes people feel helpless.The Jetway X90 PLUS, which has at least the “area” of the house, is different. It not only has 5/6/7 combined seats and 6 seats in the row of 1+1 seat layout, to meet the needs of easy placement of large luggage, but also can expand the interior space to 2.21m happy mobile bed room, even in the field outing can also provide high-quality leisure space.Let three generations of a family can enjoy their own independent space, care for each other and do not disturb, this is the charm of large space, is the protection of the happiness of the family.From jetway X70 Zhuge version to Jetway X90 PLUS model naming can be seen, Jetway car “think about what users think, think about what users worry about”, in accelerating the brand rejuvenation, personalized process at the same time, but also through the way of innovation model naming to build a bridge to communicate with users.We have reason to believe that this young car brand has a bright future.