Wanrong County urban and rural residents pension insurance basic pension upgrade work has been fully implemented

2022-07-24 0 By

Shanxi, March 30 (reporter Guan Junlong apprentice reporter Yang Jing Hu) since March 2022, according to the “notice on improving the minimum standard of basic pension for urban and rural residents” document requirements, Wanrong County urban and rural residents pension insurance basic pension bid-raising work has all been in place,The basic pension will be raised from 108 yuan to 113 yuan per person per month, and the basic pension for people over 65 will be raised from 113 yuan to 118 yuan per person per month. The new standard will take effect on January 1, 2022. The new standard will benefit more than 75,000 urban and rural residents over 60 years old in Wanrong County, and will be refunded from January.Since the launch of the new rural insurance scheme in December 2009, this is the sixth time that the monthly standard of basic pension has been raised. The central basic pension has been raised three times: from December 2009 to 55 yuan, in July 2014 to 15 yuan, in January 2018 to 18 yuan, and in July 2020 to 5 yuan.The provincial basic pension fund has been raised for three times: 10 yuan in January 2013, 5 yuan in January 2018 and 5 yuan in January 2022.The DiBiao work, is the comprehensive implementation of the spirit of the important measures, the party’s 19 fully embodies the shanxi provincial party committee, provincial government and yuncheng municipal party committee, municipal government attaches great importance to the protection work of the people’s livelihood and genuine concern to the masses of urban and rural elderly residents basic life of, is in Laos the county, the county government “difference” in the strategic planning of urban and rural residents on the ground, to the specific requirements of the old-age insurance system,Wanrong County to promote poverty alleviation and rural revitalization of the organic link of the practical action.Next, DiBiao wanrong county will be the treatment as an opportunity to carry out the urban and rural residents “endowment have I, capture with your” policy propaganda series of activities, take the way of “online, offline subsidiary”, carefully recording “policy interpretation, ginseng protect registration, premium pay” propaganda video, the basic and supplementary risks policy differences and their respective advantages explained thoroughly,Each insured person can calculate pension benefits, forming a strong atmosphere of active participation and continuous payment throughout the county, so that urban and rural residents pension insurance policy benefits more people, so that insured residents share the fruits of economic and social development, boosting the all-round high-quality development of the county economy.