Warriors aim to get inside player in buyout market!Hopefully he can help Curry

2022-07-24 0 By

The Warriors didn’t do anything at the trade deadline, but the team doesn’t want to go empty-handed, according to reports in the US media that Warriors general manager Bob Myers is looking for an inside man to assist Curry in the buyout market.

“If Draymond Green and Wiseman can’t play, then we’re going to need a big guy,” Miles said.So we’re looking for someone who can fit into our offense, not just someone who can rebound and block shots.”

In the absence of Green and Wiseman, The Warriors have been centered on Kevin Luney inside, with Bielitsa and Kuminga supporting Curry and Thompson.

But while the Warriors would like to acquire a player at a reasonable price, they don’t have a clear target right now.Green, who missed 19 straight games with a back injury, is expected to return in the next two weeks, while Wiseman may not be available until the playoffs.

Golden State is second in the Western Conference at 42-16, 5 1/2 games behind phoenix.So far this season, the team’s interior has become the biggest problem, in many games, the Warriors inside defense appeared to leak, unable to get the rebound and a series of problems.It’s a problem the Warriors hope to solve today.