Zhongwang Group donated 1,000 sets of quarantine suits to Suizhong Charity Federation

2022-07-24 0 By

One party is difficult, eight party support to go all out, overcome difficulties to fight the epidemic, love is not absent from an unexpected epidemic raid suizhong, to the bustling city in the past press the pause button.All medical workers, community workers and volunteers stand on the front line of epidemic prevention and protect the lives and health of residents.Some brave retrograde, some silently pay.In this “epidemic” war, what condenses is warmth and love.From February 12 to 13, 2022, Zhongwang Group (Huludao Hishihui and Suizhong Zhongwang Department Store), together with Suizhong Charity Federation, donated 1,000 sets of epidemic prevention and quarantine suits, worth 60,000 yuan, to Suizhong County, to fuel the epidemic prevention work.On February 12, under the leadership of Liu Yadi, general manager of Zhongwang Group, 1000 sets of epidemic prevention and quarantine suits were sent to Suizhong County and handed over to suizhong Charity Federation. He also expressed his high respect and gratitude to the frontline epidemic prevention workers.From the afternoon of February 12 to February 13, Suizhong Charity Federation assisted the staff of Zhongwang Department Store to send quarantine suits to the frontline epidemic prevention personnel in Suizhong Town, suburban town, Mingshui Town, Fan Hometown, Kuanbang Town, Rural Bureau, Youth Volunteers Association, Suizhong Charity Federation and so on.The virus is ruthless, there is love in the world.We firmly believe that as long as we stay united, we will win the battle against COVID-19.We look forward to the recovery of all things spring warm earth we take off masks, out of the house, go to the flowers in full bloom!Suizhong come on!