420 million YUAN yanbo Wine Industry expands road to empower the market

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2022 is the second year of the “14th Five-year Plan”, the coexistence of challenges and opportunities has become the consensus of the entire liquor industry.YanBo wine industry as a representative of maotai-flavor liquor enterprises, in recent years, with the increasing demand of qing maotai-flavor liquor liquor market, YanBo wine of 5000 tons of production capacity can not meet the market demand, as a result, in April this year, a total investment of 420.8757 million yuan of the second phase of planning, 10000 tons of technological transformation project and its supporting facilities.On the road of expansion of Yanbo Wine industry, we never stopped reviewing the history of Yanbo wine industry. The wine industry team has grown from 5 to more than 600 people.From 10 dealers to more than 300;Sales from more than 9 million to 500 million, these not poor results cannot leave behind the support of production capacity.To increase production capacity, Yambo wine has been on the road.In order to standardize and scale production, Yanbo Liquor industry started the construction of the first phase of the 5,000-ton reconstruction and expansion project in 2012. In 2015, the liquor industry achieved an annual capacity of 3,000 tons of maotai-flavor liquor. Since then, Yanbo Liquor industry began to compete for liquor market.With the liquor industry consumption recovery and consumption upgrade, market consumption for maotai-flavor liquor is increasing.In 2017, YanBo liquor start a further 5000 tons of the second phase of the reconstruction project construction phase, it took 18 months, nearly a million investment, finished third and fourth line transformation, realize the annual capacity of 5000 tons, for 4 years after created the growth curve, complete performance “five even jump” laid a solid foundation.Up to now, with the continuous improvement of market share and product quality of Yanbo Wine industry, the renovation and expansion project of 10000 tons people’s Small Distillery in The second phase of Yanbo Wine Industry has been officially launched, with a total investment of 420,8757 million yuan. The construction of capacity expansion has been steadily promoted, and the annual production capacity of 15000 tons and sales volume of 3 billion yuan have been achieved within three years.In 2021, The sales revenue of Yanbo wine industry has created a new historical record, with a year-on-year increase of 188.19% compared with that of 2020, which ushered in the best start in history.Since the people’s small wine attack national market in 2017, sales respectively achieved 96 million, 250 million, 386 million, 405 million, 500 million, complete performance “five jump”, market demand doubled growth.Now, with the second phase of 10000 tons of people’s small wine renovation and expansion project officially launched, The production and storage capacity of base wine of Yabo wine industry will reach a new high.This means that in 2022, Yanbo Wine will expand the depth and breadth of brand promotion from another aspect, closely combine the brand and market promotion, and invest no less than 50 million brand promotion expenses in the whole year.At least 30 new channel markets are expected to be added in the market, and more than 15,000 new channel outlets are expected to be added. The number of national outlets is expected to break through 40,000.Actively looking for big business, excellent business, strive to attract more than 100 new investment in 2022.It is the right time for Yanbo wine to attract investment and strengthen brand output.The start of the second phase 10,000-ton expansion project not only marks the development of the wine industry to a higher level, but also lays a solid foundation for the century-old brand construction.Three years, three years for a promise to three years for a promise to three years.With the reconstruction and expansion project of 10000 tons of people’s Small winery in phase II as a new starting point, Yanbo Will forge ahead and strive to achieve an annual production capacity of 15000 tons within three years, which will help the high-quality development of local economy and write a new chapter for the enterprise in its new journey.