For the first time!Add humanized design to install double deck beds in Shanghai makeshift hospitals

2022-07-25 0 By

To meet the needs of isolated families, Shanghai has added humanized designs and arrangements to the construction of makeshift hospitals.Yesterday (April 7) afternoon, the reporter saw in the cabin of this makeshift hospital, each area has a nurse station, the construction side in the retention of the original broadcast function on the basis of some human design.Lian Quntao, a staff member of the smart Installation project of the MAKESHIFT hospital: We have installed a set of simple broadcasting equipment in each area. For example, when we tell one area to do nucleic acid, the other areas are not affected.For the sake of humanity, some double beds have been added in some areas to meet the needs of isolated families.It is understood that this is the first time that Shanghai has installed double-decker beds in the construction of existing makeshift hospitals.Chen Xinxi, technician of makeshift hospital: The partition height of our double bed is 1.2 meters higher than the original partition height. We will add some poles in this form to ensure the safety of the partition.