Support Chinese women’s soccer?Don’t just say it, do it

2022-07-25 0 By

For the third time in a row, the Women’s football team has won their first Asian Cup in 16 years.The whole Internet is discussing the salary difference between the rose and the national football team. Some people suggest that the FOOTBALL Association should give more resources to the women’s football team, but we, the audience, decide the salary level of the women’s football team.Apart from the sudden influx of outside capital, the difference in players’ income levels depends mainly on the number of people attending the games.Men’s football’s income levels have skyrocketed in the last decade because of the sudden rise of golden Ball, while the income levels of players in the five major leagues are due to the fact that soccer fans are almost all of the world’s spectators.Back to the Chinese Super League, the reason why capital is willing to put energy into the weak men’s football team is also because there are hundreds of millions of fans in China, and only every penny spent here will become a conversation topic for hundreds of millions of people.So footballers, after all, are part of the attention economy, and the only way to increase their income is to attract more people.However, compared with men’s football team, women’s football team has natural disadvantages, such as poor confrontation and less intense competition rhythm, which lead to the fact that most people do not pay attention to women’s football matches.Ask yourself how many people didn’t really pay attention to the women’s soccer team until they reached the final, and how many didn’t hear about it until they read the coverage after they won.When the audience are not willing to pour too much energy to women’s football, media, capital can tilt their resources are very limited.So, if you really want the girls in women’s football to earn more, pay more attention to the WOMEN’s Super League, pay more attention to the women’s football matches, your attention is the biggest support for them.(Managing Editor: Small)