Chinese Super League (CSL) may open the third round of salary restriction: local players’ pre-tax annual salary will be reduced from 5 million yuan to 3 million yuan

2022-07-26 0 By

According to a report in Soccer News, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) is considering a salary limit for players. The annual salary of domestic players, which is 5 million yuan before tax, may be cut to 3 million yuan, or 1.6 to 1.7 million yuan excluding taxes.If implemented, it will be the third time in the last three years that the CSL has imposed salary restrictions.In the first salary cap imposed by the Chinese Football Association (CFA) after the Chinese Super League (CSL) ‘s spending spree, domestic players’ annual salaries were capped at 10 million yuan before tax, but the CFA gave the green light for international players to receive a 20 percent increase.However, affected by the overall environment and the impact of the national football team’s poor results, the Chinese Football Association increased the salary limit at the beginning of 2021, limiting the annual salary of local players to 5 million yuan before tax.However, even with an annual salary of 5 million yuan before tax, the poor performance of the National football Team during the preliminary competition still makes the outside world dissatisfied, and calls for another salary limit are endless.The Chinese Football Association (CFA) is likely to impose a third-round salary cap on local players due to the current climate, according to the Soccer News.After the salary limit, the pre-tax annual salary of local players is likely to be adjusted from 5 million yuan to 3 million yuan. After taxes and taxes, the players will only take home about 1.6 to 1.7 million yuan, less than 2 million yuan.Of course, contracts already signed will be protected, and the football association has an additional way to boost star players’ salaries by signing third-party endorsement deals.Including the current introduction of the port international xu Xin, is to use a third party to speak the contract, so as to meet Xu Xin’s salary requirements.