Dingyuan County seven li Tang township: party construction leads the “berry” beautiful countryside

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Features: in recent years, seven in dingyuan county pond township combined with geographical position advantage, in “the hometown of strawberry, ecological pond in the seven” for the development of positioning, with “party building leads, industry hing village, village, culture” concept as the guidance, give full play to the party member’s demonstration leading role, the entire town common development characteristics of strawberry planting industry, lead the masses’ income to become rich.Strengthening personnel training.A number of farmers set up professional strawberry planting cooperatives, the annual strawberry planting area reached 8,000 mu.Village “two committees” team led the formation of party members vanguard, the establishment of party members contact households, selected party construction instructors take the initiative to contact the masses, in-depth strawberry production line, free for the masses to provide seed help, in the production, sales and other important links, careful guidance and help, really solve the masses of funds and technical problems.At the same time, strawberry market hires strawberry planting experts and professors to give lectures and technical guidance every year, adopts greenhouse cultivation, drip irrigation and micro-spraying, water and fertilizer integration, plastic film coverage and other cultivation modes, and introduces high-quality seedlings to guide farmers to plant and pick in the garden, providing technical guarantee for high-quality strawberry production.Build a service platform.In order to better let qitang strawberry “go out”, let more assets “introduced”, through the way of village enterprise joint construction, set up Dingyuan County Lu ‘an Agricultural Co., LTD., establish a formal complete strawberry trading market.”A single flower does not make a spring, spring” all flowers in bloom, share-holding system management, enterprise operation mode, actively explore new ways, collective income nine village (community) party organization closely combined with the construction industry development village collective economy, schiscosomiasis activity places for standardization construction, realizes the village with industry, branch of red flag floating good atmosphere.By the end of last year, total rural collective economic income amounted to 3.77 million yuan, so that qili Tang township coruscated a vibrant vitality.We will accelerate industrial integration.Taking the “Party building + rural revitalization” initiative as an opportunity, we will give full play to the role of Party organizations as battle fortress.Through the development model of “Party branches + cooperatives + peasant households”, we will actively cultivate specialized farmer cooperatives, family farms and other new agricultural business entities, develop characteristic agricultural planting, and effectively promote agricultural efficiency and peasant income.Under the joint efforts of the village party member cadre, relying on the construction of hou home village cultural sites and related culture exhibition hall, actively develop the rural tourism resources, the development of cultural tourism industry, develop a variety of functions, the development of organic, picking garden, farming experience, ecological experience rural tourism projects, such as plans to introduce the development of rural tourism of social capital, boost rural revitalization.(Wang Shuting) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com