Police have registered a case against a woman who was cheated of 200,000 yuan ($35,800) by a man who felt he was very cultured

2022-07-26 0 By

April 7 news, recently, Zhengzhou, Henan province, Ms. Liu has a house hanging on 58.com for rent, soon a “tenant” very interested in the two people added friends, occasionally chat to share life, in the words of Ms. Liu feel that each other is very cultural.However, the house has not rented out, the other side shared a good opportunity to drill loopholes, Ms. Liu loans 180,000 total investment 200,000 to participate, but did not think of it was a fraud.At present, the police have registered the case, and the Anti-fraud Center of Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau reminds everyone to download the APP of the National Anti-fraud Center. As for the account information of “tenants” on the platform, 58.com customer service responded that there will be a special person to communicate with them later.