Why is gold so valuable?

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20 meters deep in Manhattan, New York, USA, there are 8,300 tons of gold from more than 60 countries, including 600 tons from China.Let’s talk about gold today.The word “gold bar” somehow sounds so high-class and addictive.Gold coffin of Egyptian pharaoh, gold mask of Sanxingdui, no matter ancient dynasty or modern society, no matter Chinese dama or Dubai tuhao, gold is everyone’s favorite, you said that this thing can not eat or drink, why on earth so high status?It’s no exaggeration to say that big gold ring on your finger is at least billions of years old and from another planet.Four billion years ago, when a supernova exploded, neutrons collided at high temperature and pressure, with a 1% chance of forming gold.It’s made of gold and silver. Some of the debris escaped the planet’s gravity and headed toward Earth as meteorites, but most of it sank into the earth’s crust.Later, as the earth’s crust moved, magma spewed out gold from the ground, which was mined into gold products.You say gold originated on another planet, took 4 billion years, and then spewed out of the earth’s core on lava, and that’s not cheap enough.In fact, we all know that identity is certainly not the focus, the focus must be rare as expensive.The earth’s total reserves of gold amount to 6 trillion tons. If all of the world’s 7 billion people were dug up and divided equally, each of them would receive 9, 000 tons of gold.However, as of 2018, the total amount of gold mined by mankind is about 190,000 tons!Why?What’s going on?Not willing to give up wow?In fact, four billion years ago, the gold came to the Earth, and it was in the form of lava, and there was magma everywhere, so the gold went straight to the core.Then the earth cooled, and the gold was locked inside.In short, 99 percent of the gold is in the core and only 1 percent is in the mantle.Wherever it is, you might say, dig!The deepest hole we’ve ever made in the Earth is only 12,262 meters deep, which is about as deep as the skin of an apple could go. But that’s about as far as we can go, so mining the core for gold would be harder than colonizing Mars.In other words, there’s a lot of gold out there, but it’s very limited, it’s very rare, and at the current rate of mining, it’s going to be all gone in 10 to 30 years, just waiting for the volcano to erupt.Gold is so rare that it has its value.Something extremely rare may be too luxurious even to acquire, too inconvenient to measure, and therefore impossible to use as money.The mass of common things everywhere is too large to be used as a rare currency, so gold, which is fixed in quantity and rare, but not in great shortage, is suitable as a currency.Of course, in the long river of history, gold is also a step by step to the throne of money, finally by his characteristics unshakeable.Gold is a representative of the lazy metal, with hardly any material produces chemical reaction, such as archaeological unearthed sanxingdui gold mask, over the years, still glittering, so gold to now is still the main raw material, craft that act the role ofing is tasted it excellent ductility can be made any jewelry processing, rings, necklaces, there is even a big gold teeth,Want to do any shape is no problem, and durable, glittering gold forever, no wonder the mother-in-law in any case to three gold, it looks good vision.And gold has excellent ductility, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, so gold is widely used in cutting-edge science and technology fields, such as CPU, central processing unit, aerospace electronic systems and so on.Without this fine material, the performance of high-tech products will be greatly reduced, those who use stainless steel washbasins to recycle old mobile phones, old computers are mostly back to gold refining.So, having a lot of gold means you can develop high-tech industries, which is very important for science.And gold reserves are extremely limited, the later the more tense.Glittering gold has been a symbol of imperial power since ancient times. Coupled with its scarcity, it leads to the monetary property and the unshakeable position in the field of aerospace high-tech. Gold has always been a large amount of metal reserves in various countries, and even ordinary people regard gold as their favorite, which is understandable.Golden halls