Coming off the success of season 1, Season 2 of “Knifes in the Snow” will be an instant makeover. Are you looking forward to it

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The first season of The show came to an end at the end of last year. Although the TV series was criticized for casting and fighting scenes at the beginning, it has been recognized by most viewers as the story progresses.At least in terms of the dramatization and the presence of most of the cast, it’s a good show.The final selection of Xu Fengnian sister and brother four revenge bureau for the outcome, is also well-intentioned.However, in view of the audience reflect the problem, the cast or in the second season when the preparation began to change.The decision depends on the needs of the story and the audience’s feedback on the cast.After all, individual actors really have a big gap with the original work, if you want to get more support, or need to adjust.Among them is Li Gengxi, who plays the female lead, Kang Ni.The first season of Jiang Ni in the image and acting expectations with the audience gap, the second season is currently tentatively cast Wang Chu Ran.The actor, who doesn’t usually play the leading role, has finally landed a leading lady, and it remains to be seen whether the demure, fresh and refined Wang can do a good job with the ginger mud.The other main female actor is Pei Nanwei, who lets Xu Fengnian hold the wall.To tell the truth, the first season of Pei Nanwei and the original work of the downed Pei Nanwei is more than one level, in the acting has also been criticized by the audience.So it was switched to Juju in season 2.This is also to see a lot of net friends broke the news, the final will be selected to play the beauty of the unmatched Pei Nanwei, has yet to be officially released the final information.Of course, since it is a revolving door, there will not be only women.In the first season, Chen Ji-bao, who appeared as a guest star, was replaced by Na Un-hee in the second season because she would play more in the second season, or for other reasons.To tell the truth, the first season in the role of Chen Chi Leopard gao Weiguang, acting effect is very good.But season 2 is worth looking forward to.We’re still in the process of preparing for season 2, so we’ll have to wait and see what changes will be made.With feedback from the first season, the producers will have a pretty good idea of what the show will look like.Get ready for the season 2 premiere of Knifes in the Snow!I wonder if you will look forward to it as always?