Douluo qianren snow and bi bi east body change, forgotten saint, just flesh and blood

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In the dou Luo mainland cartoon qianren snow and the heat of the east has been high, but few people still remember that she was the first beauty of the temple.In fact, for douluo mainland role modeling audience is very recognized, but unfortunately the most recognized time is often the arrival of the bottleneck period, after all, when a thing stands out when it is difficult to have the same level of comparison.Most of the time, only the most powerful competitors can find their own problems, and Douluo’s modeling has always gone in an aesthetic style. Every role, no matter male or female, is matched with a good skin. When the roles are more attractive and gradually tend to the audience’s aesthetic, it is difficult to find new problems.And it’s hard to make progress if no one can keep picking on it.Like today’s towering snow like than the east, although this pair of mother and daughter have a suit that all goddess envy skins, can let all the boys are more willing to the charm of fell under their feet, but seemingly perfect they don’t have to continue to progress after it is easy to be defeated, for this may be a lot of people haven’t found,In fact, as one of the beauty of the temple is very great pressure.And most of the time the strongest opponent is often hidden in their side, just like the original Chihiro put Bibi East to stay in the side, the secret enemy is the most difficult to deal with.What did not think of is the mutual struggle between bi Bi east and qianren snow for so many years, the final winner is not one of them however, after all, the power that has become god does not necessarily represent everything, a lot of time forgetting a few potential talents is the root of failure of the strong.Qianhe disease hadn’t it is the east possess oneself of bibi then forgotten, think only with her so humble to simply not himself, but he was so careless behavior can be said to be raising a crocodile, after all more powerful people is likely to have been in the peak, was eventually than east catch chance to fight against longer odds bully their parents are out of disease.So inside the bucket and of the world in addition to the same law of the jungle, for girls and an immutable law, that is life and not a heart of the love of beauty, this is almost every after the strong enough like doing, that is looking for a the most beautiful man to protect, in order to prove itself.And in figure this on the one hand qian Ren snow and bi Bi east have changed, although the appearance of these two people are very tall and thin, but see more always feel however is bone, too stiff, and when we see the figure of Hu Lena again is really beautiful, constantly send out a breath of flesh and blood.